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  1. Your circlejerks are really fucking stale. Peace out.
  2. i thought r/corejerk was memeing but nope you guys do wanna suck jon's dick
  3. So how many versions of this are we gonna get? inb4 the Taylor Swift (fan account?) @s me. Like it's a good song but goddamn lmao
  4. I'm sorry where's this infamous "Kingdom Leaks hates Hollywood Undead" hate boner that r/metalcore never shut up about, because mostly praise coming from everyone.
  5. I deadass had to read the title like 4 times before I figured out it wasn't Shakira. I'm gonna exile myself from this site.
  6. Annnnd just like that i'm 15 again. Fucking beautiful, Ronnie's killing it lately.
  7. Jesus fucking christ is locust gonna be the last album with decent lyrics again? I'm glad there's not any more SLAM poetry like Catharsis but this is still incredibly neutured. Fuck I'm pissed, I've seen this band live over a dozen times and they keep letting their fans down over and over.
  8. They're touring with them on this upcoming NA tour lmao
  9. Third single in a row I've liked. First verse is fucking corny as hell but I'm getting WITA vibes here which is great. Might be the first record I've liked since American Capitalist.
  10. Everyone knows The Veronicas was the ultimate Nickelodeon band.
  11. Yours is an odd troll account, but I always appreciate weaponised autism. Carry on.
  12. Best album since Overcome, almost want to thank Phil's cunt ex wife for cheating on him. Even Phil's usually bland cleans have more emotion this go-around. Obviously it's heavier than most of their usual discography, getting back to roots. And of course RIP Oli, Beth definitely killed him.
  13. Bruh they made a whole ass album out of that one tiktok? (Circlejerk aside, that for fans of is fuckin hilarious)
  14. So is this officially his last record? I thought after Carter V there would be an "epilogue" album then he'd be out except for features.
  15. I'd rather fuck my earlobes with a footlong icicle then put myself through this album again. Even that last album had the Hallelujah cover and Straight Jacket that were tolerable. The Angel Acoustic EP was the last good album they'll probably put out. i hate calling bands sellouts, but this is exactly what this is, just trying to profit off of the pop audience. I shit you not I heard RX (Medicate) on 97.1 (DC's pop station) inbetween Taylor Swift and Lizzo Tuesday morning. It's disappointing because this band put out steady (albeit not exactly deep) hard rock albums that were great. Fuck I'm pissed.
  16. Someone at work told me to check this out and I sure as fuck wasn't wasting $15 on an album I probably wouldn't like from the guy who sang about getting his dick sucked on every album since 2002 but holy shit this wasn't a complete dumpster fire. The only album I've really liked since Silver Side Up.
  17. Easily Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell by Fit For An Autopsy. They took a complicated situation where they had to replace a singer and not only continued on, but IMPROVED the standard deathcore formula. Blown away when I first heard the album in 2015 and The Great Collapse and Sea of Tragic Beasts has only propelled them even further in terms of experimentation and IT WORKS. Fucking incredible.
  18. That would be me. GG Allin was one of the biggest dickheads in human history but his music is fucking incredible. A shitty person shouldn't make the art shitty by association.
  19. I love me some fucked up rap, glad he's going back to his controversial roots. Lmao can you imagine him releasing White America or Insane in 2020?
  20. Nail down everything in your fucking house, especially when Real, Spy and Kill The Creator come on.
  21. Alice in Chains showed how to continue on with a new frontman. STP needs to stop, they can't replicate Scott. Let it die and start a new project under a different name.
  22. Where are the 9 pages of XXXTentacion comparisons of labels and estates ripping off dead artists again?
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