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  1. That would be me. GG Allin was one of the biggest dickheads in human history but his music is fucking incredible. A shitty person shouldn't make the art shitty by association.
  2. I love me some fucked up rap, glad he's going back to his controversial roots. Lmao can you imagine him releasing White America or Insane in 2020?
  3. Nail down everything in your fucking house, especially when Real, Spy and Kill The Creator come on.
  4. Alice in Chains showed how to continue on with a new frontman. STP needs to stop, they can't replicate Scott. Let it die and start a new project under a different name.
  5. Where are the 9 pages of XXXTentacion comparisons of labels and estates ripping off dead artists again?
  6. "Male artists sound like regurgitations of each other" - Halsey, 2019 Proceeds to make a shittier version of an Avicii track. Bring back the P!nk ripoff alt-girl shtick at least.
  7. Cue the "WE WANTED MORE FOREVER" comments. It took me 5 or so listens to get a taste for it but this shit fucks, pushing Bleeding into the Blur even farther and the segue halfway through nearly made me slam my fist through my desk in happiness. Reba has such a gorgeous voice, glad they're showcasing her more. This was already a pre-order regardless, but this shit sounds promising.
  8. You're missing the point. This business model affects the industry and encourages growth in the digital market whereas CD purchasers like me and many others get shafted because it's easier and cheaper to just publish on streaming fuckery then have copies pressed. Eventually physical media will get phased out just like cassettes.
  9. Did you see the Twitter update LoG put out on New Years Day? Admittedly it wasn't much but obviously they're teasing studio time. Sturm und Drang was 5 years ago and Burn The Priest came back temporarily so it is about time.
  10. LOOOONG POST INCOMING “Lorna Shore wants to take a moment to thank all our fans and the metal community for all of your support while we have been dealing with the aftermath of our recent decision to move forward without CJ McCreery on vocals. Today, we are announcing that we, in conjunction with the understanding and incredibly supportive people at Century Media Records, have made the decision to release our new album, ‘Immortal‘ on January 31, 2020 as planned. The decision was something we did not take lightly. We have already begun the search for a new vocalist, and we have EVERY INTENTION to continue Lorna Shore stronger than ever. Our fans and the metal community have been extremely patient through multiple delays surrounding this album. You’ve waited long enough. It makes no sense to scrap or revise the record with new vocals, which was a feeling shared by both the band and label. So to be clear – Lorna Shore is all systems go. We will have further announcements regarding a new vocalist as soon as possible. Europe/UK tour with Decapitated is happening. Don’t believe anything you hear unless you hear it from us. We won’t let you down. –Adam DeMicco, Austin Archey and Andrew O’Connor“
  11. I dunno if maybe it's because I'm older now and it's been like 5 years since I bothered listening to them other than All Fucked Up but I reeeeally dislike how "emo" the lyrics are. I get that that word is used as a blanket to describe a lot these days, but this sounds like the sorta shit I'd hear inside a Hot Topic buried between The Kill and Stressed Out.
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