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  1. Danny literally described this album as "somewhere between the ST and FDTD" so yeah While it sounds a bit like Alone in a Room at times it's way better and catchier then that song. One of my favorite choruses by them
  2. The label really wants to milk this album for all it's worth, regardless the rock version of Vultures and the Rise Up demo are pretty cool
  3. Was sort of worried at first but this is actually really solid. That breakdown hit's like a brick (pun intended) and the unclean vocals and overall melody make this a solid listen
  4. This is incredible, love this direction they're going in. HU is at it's best when they're heavy
  5. whoa what the hell wow yeah way to quite. Great track, wonder how that happened
  6. 90% sure this is just a radio rip and not the official audio. Cause the youtube videos that came out were all quite like this. You can use Audacity to amplify it
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