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  1. mixed feelings about this album, im not a big fan of the screams but they sound better in other area's so whatever man i havent listened to all of it yet but imma just say 6/10 and finish it lmao
  2. sad to see andy didnt sing morticians daughter, but i was glad jinxx got the overture overall 11/10 because i'm biased
  3. yall are sleeping on this
  4. im aware, but hes proven he can still do it, and apparently hes doing it again after this album, aa is wack
  5. yeah but thas more grit and growl than screams. a breakdown yes, was he doing screams? not really
  6. objectively an okay album, disappointed at no screams, but honestly what did i expect, its grown on me a little bit, lorazepam is honestly my favorite for a variety of reasons i won't get into. kinda disappointing, but its alright i guess 6.5/10
  7. its not danny its matt good, the producer, hes produced the last two albums, joey sturgis was before him
  8. usually id defend AA to the hills, but. there's no denying this song was uninspired and low energy. honestly. the chorus was alright, but there's nothing memorable about this song. nothing special to give it that extra hmph, i pre ordered this album, I love Asking Alexandria, but Matt Good is their worst producer, danny posted that they were working with joey sturgis again on his insta story, i hope that sticks because this is straight ass.
  9. the original b12 had so much more energy, it sounded much better.. so glad i have the original albums.. this song was.. a let down.
  10. that was painful. not going back to ITM again ig
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