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  1. End of Silence. The 10th anniversary edition has some solid extra tracks in it.
  2. Woohoo! Thanks!!! Got the vinyl preordered but gotta wait til next month for it to be released.
  3. For those wondering about the CD's at Walmart, a particular vendor is in charge of ordering/stocking them. If you happen to catch that person, let them know you want a copy and maybe they can order one for you or double check in the backroom. Sometimes the shipments either get delayed or it gets lost in the backroom. It was my old job so thats why i know. lol.
  4. No problem! Thanks for letting me know about the downloads being maxed out. Uploaded it my drive account so here is the link for this one
  5. They have a promo right now to where if you have purchased an e-ticket to their tour, you get a download code for free. And its for the deluxe version. Those who purchased a hard ticket must send an email confirming the show you went to to receive the link. If y'all don't wanna go through all that, feel free to DM me. Edit: not sure if this is allowed but here is the link (previous link removed. this is the new link.)
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