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  1. Yes I've heard Believer, it's computerized trash music. Pro-tools core. A colt .45 against a Trump supporter? That sounds like terrorism. Odd choice for a metaphor.
  2. People who like The Weeknd are about as musically deep as Imagine Dragons fans.
  3. Your fav genre is named after a racist myth that only one type of people have souls. Also you know you love multiple Goo Goo Dolls songs, don't lie.
  4. It looks like the only remaining members are Ryan Locke and Andrew Eichinger. *Edit: never mind, I think that's incorrect.
  5. Is this band name cultural appropriation?
  6. The bonus track is working in the 320 mp3 downloads, but the FLAC downloads have a silent 1-second track where the bonus track should be.
  7. Band name made me lol I hope they intended for that to happen
  8. Hot Mulligan yells too much for this pop-punk fan to enjoy them. Same with TSSF.
  9. there should absolutely be a Goldfinger cover on here
  10. do they play instruments on this one?
  11. Do they play instruments on this one?
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