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  1. My only complaint is there's no Swan-Rap.
  2. Anyone else disappointed in the mixing of all these singles? I'm nervous to hear the entire album.
  3. 1. Remo Drive - Greatest Hits 2. The Midnight - Nocturnal 3. Mac Demarco - This Old Dog 4. Rings of Saturn - Ultu Ulla 5. Turnover - Good Nature 6. Tyler, The Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy 7. The Faceless - In Becoming a Ghost 8. Northlane - Mesmer 9. Real Estate - In Mind 10. waterfront dining - Zombie 11. boy pablo - Roy Pablo 12. The Contortionist - Clairvoyant 13. Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom 14. Beach Fossils - Somersault 15. Yung Bae - B4E
  4. I'm going in. If I die, burn my corpse so the disease has no chance to spread.
  5. It's funny you say that; I've been in an instrumental mood for the past couple weeks and I keep putting on the West World and GoT soundtracks. Ramin Djawadi is a god.
  6. I'm gonna need to cleanse my musical palate after today.
  7. This band has always played it safe and pandered to its cringey, teen girl fan-base but this takes the cake. It's hilarious that this is what Kellin had to say about the upcoming album. “I think when you’re making music and you’re expected to do certain things with your band, you kinda lose your touch and your focus. I definitely think this record is us getting back to who we are; getting back to concentrating on the music itself.” I guess integrity is off the table once you sign with one of the biggest labels in the industry. KEK