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  1. @MyTearsYW @MyTearsYW I'm just messing, bro. Not sure why someone downvoted your comment for merely responding back to me xD @Justin.Tomodachi You're right. I'm just trolling people personally. Ronnie is the singer. He's basically a one-man band at this point under the name Falling in Reverse. Kinda like Owl City and NeverShoutNever and so on.
  2. @Ossy33xxx Yeah, you're right. The original Sweet 666 was fierce! But generally they were never really a heavy band.
  3. @MyTearsYW Brah, in 2010 you were an emo embryo.
  4. @Justin.Tomodachi Grow up, mate. Bloody hell. Hating on Ronnie belongs back in 2010. Super cringe.
  5. FLAC mirror site isn't working for me. It lists a bunch of mirror sites (e.g. Zippyshare) and says they're still online. But it won't let me click on any of them. Anyone else having similar issues?
  6. @Nyeusi He used to have a massive side swoop too. Now you can actually see his forehead. Looks so different.
  7. @Ossy33xxx They were never heavy. They did one 'Metallica' album. Venus Doom. And that was three years after Wings of a Butterfly.
  8. @DekinhoDesu That explains a lot. I think I skipped that album. One of their later albums was a drastic departure in their original sound and I just blocked it out of memory.
  9. @DekinhoDesu Is this from a previous album or something?
  10. @DIMENSIONAUT IN 3D She hasn't been dance-pop since 2011 (so basically a full decade). But yes, this is exactly like Gaga circa 2008.
  11. @desk Stupid question, but it says it's 320 KBPS. But also that it's a web-rip. Is there a different between a web-rip 320 and a legitimately purchased 320 KBPS?
  12. @cmoney8604 Code Orange already got album of the year though. They had the awards ceremony a few weeks ago.
  13. @tonysndr Well, Ville Valo & Agents came out last year with an album. Have you listened to that? To a REAL fan, it sounds very much like HIM. Only difference is that it's spoken in Finnish and not English. I listen to Ville Valo & Agents in the morning while I drink coffee (very reminiscent of early HIM).
  14. @tonysndr That's not what they said. Ville has been here with us this entire time. As Ville's number 1 fan (and chairman of Team Heartagram), I would know.
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