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  1. well, despite the average reviews being just that, average based on this band's previous/first release, i personally will say i have never heard of this band before the singles from this record, and i really enjoyed the two i heard, and this morning i decided to give the whole thing a listen since it was trending, and was genuinely blown away by how amazing it sounded! as i said, i have no prior bias to base this album on. and this album may not be by-the-book metalcore or phc to most but i've learned something great in my experience over the past 5 years of truly admiring the genres and exploring bands old and new. it's that both have really changed in terms of the characteristics and dynamics that make them up, and this album is one prime example of that statement. i could tell this band really wanted to break the mold with this one, and they succeeded greatly! they aren't trying to be typical to their genre, or clone another band's sound, and i think if people really take heart in this endeavor the band pursued, they may appreciate the artistic edge this band used to make this album as smoothly flowing, powerful, emotional, and masterful as it is.
  2. Only found out bout OG vocalist dying cuz of comments, but may God watch over him. In other words, this is what girls mean when they say "SKSKSK!" I knew it! Just a correction to any of those girls, it's only *two* SKSK's. I completely forgot about these guys after learning a few years ago after discovering them that year that their last LP was like a decade ago, but seeing the band name again has piqued my interest for sure! Gonna listen at some point!
  3. ooh yes, finally! im seein that ST are finally true Djentlemen! Cant wait to listen!
  4. Love the Spongebob reference in the album title ?. I'll def have to give this a listen just based on it, and because it's post-hardcore, which is hands-down my favorite genre ever. Also I'll have to watch the Spongebob episode "Idiot Box" again because it's a certified classic.
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