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  1. This is incredible, especially Holy Water. If you're a fan of Danger Days era MCR with a Post-Hardcore twist, give this a listen.
  2. This is incredible, holy shit don't sleep on this.
  3. Really enjoyed the complex, haunting, polyrhythmic dissonant chords on display here.
  4. You'd be surprised just how much a person can change in two to three years.
  5. Chase absolutely slaps face, song rules. Gonna have to check the rest of this. Nice job @NieR:Automata™
  6. Yooooo I listened to this a lot when I first heard it near the end of high school a long ass time ago. Great album, awesome voice.
  7. Do they even want to make original music anymore? They seem much happier just making covers.
  8. I dig the snare, shit is bouncy as fuck
  9. Fuck it, this rules. Gonna be following this guy.
  10. This is sick, hopefully these dudes drop a full-length album soon.
  11. Why does the single artwork look like an unannounced sequel poster to the Emoji Movie?
  12. Band is so consistent it's scary, vocalist keeps getting better with time too.
  13. You know what fine, I'm dropping it. Agree to disagree. Agree to disagree
  14. I get you're still mad at me for the Jay-Z thread but there's no need for all caps.
  15. Quote from the Contrarion Dude: "There's little to no charm off of this, the original has heart and charm because knowing their history it shows how determined and hardworking they were for the music, this is a really lazy attempt at a rerelease. Just because he wasnt happy with it when he released it and when he looks back on it, doesn't mean that you should necessarily go back and try to change it, and if you wanted to change it to make it better wouldn't you want to make it sound as good as possible?" This was the particular statement that leads me to believe he's being heavily influenced by nostalgia. He's taking a subjective viewpoint, color coating it with nostalgia and assuming it's a cash grab (word for word what he said in an earlier post as well). Maybe my personal history with the band (including how BVB used my review in their marketing of Vale a couple years back) is making me irrationally upset by this, but I can assure you 100% this is not a cash grab.
  16. Don't suddenly go on the defensive because the entire thread yeeted you, that was NOT your original point. Your original point was that this release was a cash grab, once you got proven wrong you completely switched course. No, people can feel free to hate it or dislike it if they want. The guy earlier was making objectively false points though unrelated to the music composition, which is why I called him a contrarian. He was clearly fueled by nostalgia.
  17. Let's ignore the dude trying to be a contrarian on the previous pages and talk about how awesome the record is. I absolutely LOVE how Beautiful Remains sounds now with its undercurrent of now clearly audible rhythmic guitar melodies, especially during the chorus. I've been listening to the album nonstop lately.
  18. It's like the people I'm seeing in the comments of the Mortician's Daughter video upset that it's an instrumental. Andy wrote the original version of that song when he was 15 for his ex-girlfriend. He's literally almost 30 years old now and married, singing that now would feel weird and I actually really appreciate the change.
  19. That's the thing, you're taking your subjective opinion of the album's sound and applying it to how the band feels about their own album. If you dislike something from your past and have the opportunity to change it, you should 100% change it. That whole logic train of "don't change the past" makes no sense to me. This was a completely in-house produced project. Jake (the lead guitarist) and Jinxx (the rhythm guitarist and composer) did all the production work on this album.
  20. Gonna address several things here. This is in no-way a cash grab. Andy has stated multiple times since 2013 that he didn't like the original version of the album due to the next to nothing budget they had while recording it (on top of recording it in a jingles studio in the middle of the night most nights). They even tried to do a re-recording of it with a bigger budget back in 2013 when they were signed to Universal. He dislikes the original album. It's not about whether they were broken up or not, it's about the fact that the original album didn't fulfill the vision they had for it, so they re-recorded it, and as someone who has several lyrics from this album tattooed on me, I think it's better than the original. Sure the mixing is a bit out of whack sometimes, but the charm and atmosphere more than makes up for it.
  21. He wrote the original about his ex. He's a married man now, I very much love the change.
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