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  1. Why is this band so consistently pretentious and terrible no matter what genre they're in? Music video was cool, but my god the song was horrible and the lead singer is gonna be the next Jared Leto in terms of narcissistic, unwarranted self importance.
  2. This slaps, ngl. Fun fuckin' song. Also that breakdown halfway through.
  3. Honestly I'd put this album right on par with Reign of Terror. There's some production issues and inconsistencies, but its highs (pun intended) are fucking glorious. Surprisingly it seems they succeeded here the most when they just embraced their more experimental / softer aspects (High, Is This Love, etc) The heavy tracks are still great too, but they're not the ones I keep coming back to.
  4. This sounds like 1989 part 2 but way more bloated and with super forced lyrics to pander to like 20 different social communities at once. Aka terrible. The title track is a nice little ballad though.
  5. Black Veil Brides are different from ADTR on both a stylistic and tonal level. Don't deflect to my music taste just because you can't handle being wrong bud.
  6. I've heard every album bar their debut, and I have a line from "End of Me" tattooed. Their softer side is infinitely better, and CC is still their best album.
  7. I mean, this isn't a comeback. They just delayed shit based on hiatus issues and issues with Mitch from Varials. Is it sad that CTC is in all this drama? Yes. Tbh though I mostly listened to the band for the vocalist's clean voice, so this sounds like it's gonna be their best album for me.
  8. Fueled By Ramen is really cool to their bands, probably why ADTR chose to sign to them, they didn't want to deal with Victory Records kinda shit again. Also ADTR's best songs don't have screams, come at me.
  9. This was nice, I liked the vibes.
  10. The clean vocals leave a lot to be desired, but this band has potential.
  11. This is way better than Tapping Out, what are you all talking about.
  12. Honestly, the girl's screams are significantly superior to her cleans. I just found myself waiting for her to stop singing and break into those sick fry vocals that she did in combination with the other vocalist. Second half of the song was definitely better than the first half though.
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