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  1. Fucking hell, this kicks ass. It's also pretty obvious what differentiates Post-Metalcore from standard Metalcore if you've listened to literally ANY other "Post" genre, I don't understand why a "Post-Metalcore" tag is controversial here.
  2. This will probably spur a lot of people into becoming more active and contributing more to the site. Great work!
  3. I love how this guy's trying so hard to become the next Lil Peep, yet this ends up coming across as Blood on the Dance Floor v 4.0
  4. Worst album of 2019 hands down so far. Madonna needs to throw in the towel already.
  5. I mean, Chelsea Grin got better after Alex left. Song's okay, not as good as the collaboration he did with Anxxiety
  6. This guy is known more for his non-music hits than his music hits.
  7. That album artwork is phenomenal
  8. Sounds like what someone who enjoys the Blue Cold Not So Spicy White People Vegetables would say.
  9. This thread gave me hepatitis, I genuinely hope you're all ashamed of yourselves. Like you actually made a Black Veil Brides fanboy cringe, that's how cancerous you've all been acting. Anyways, album slaps, better than Graveyard Shift
  10. Why does this EP cover look like she's trying to be a 90s rapper?
  11. Where the fuck are Scott's cleans [3434534534]
  12. The Game of Thrones Finale fucking sucked. I can't believe Professor Dumblemort got killed by Shadow the Hedgehog so easily.
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