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  1. This is aggressively good. Also; Stand Up and Scream is AA's second worst album, pop your nostalgia bubble folks.
  2. Album of the Year No exceptions, this shit slaps.
  3. HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK IM HYPED BEYOND BELIEF. Can't wait to get home and listen to this.
  4. Ronnie's rapping is the best part of this song; honestly everything else seems to be filler in regards to that.
  5. This is cool but something in the mixing seems off from previous releases.
  6. Yeah it's right here! -
  7. Absolutely fucking atmospheric and gorgeous.
  8. To me this is the same as a straight creeper going up to a gay girl and saying "wish you weren't gay", and I can almost assure you that because of Billie's fame and aesthetic, the LBGT community is going to ignore the hypocrisy with this.
  9. >thinking Ash Costello hasn't used sex appeal before this. Did any of you even WATCH the Angel Eyes video? Literally half of the video she was writhing around half naked making out with Chris Motionless. (She also got needled in the neck and had organs torn out, but the point still stands). There's boobs on the cover, not a big deal. Unfortunately, while Angel Eyes was nice, this was a pretty bland song.
  10. Hey there! Thanks for listening! Black Malachite is a completely instrumental project that is in multiple genres. Sometimes I've added my own screams to a few tracks, sometimes I've had featuring artists put screams or other vocals on tracks. Hey thanks man!
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