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  1. Hey everyone, how can we get all the viewers to ignore the fact that this song is 90% hi-hat drum spam with a basic arpeggio synth line? Just give swords to hot chicks and put up obscuring lights! 10/10 won't get demonitized!
  2. Honestly, this is okay in parts. The mastering on this is really bad though. He sounds more like Denis Shaforastov of Drag Me Out / Former Asking Alexandria.
  3. I've always been an advocate of separating the art from the artist, to me the personal lives of musicians in relation to your personal moral compass don't really matter, the music does. This is some pretty good shit, definitely better than the last album and on par with their debut imo.
  4. "Float" is the heaviest song Red has ever done, holy shit. His screams are fucking vicious.
  5. Did this band form during the quarantine?
  6. A leak this early could damage sales, why are we allowing a leak like this? Not to be "that" guy, but it's just kind of a dick move to post this (when it was posted) a month before release. This album is great, and I don't want to see the band tank financially because of this.
  7. Like the back half is fun and sounds like Don't Panic b-sides which I'm always down for, but really the only track that has All Time Low sounding at their best on this is "Favorite Place" imo.
  8. These songs still rule and I'm so excited for Re-Stitch These Wounds
  9. Very backloaded record. Most of the great songs are on the second half of the album. However, this is the best album I've heard from them in a long time.
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