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  1. These melodies are giving me a throbbing 2015 boner.
  2. Like I knew the break up with Halsey was hard on G-Eazy, but this song is a new low even for him.
  3. 2 Close was actually great though, no idea what you're all talking about. First Gideon album I've actually cared about.
  4. I mean, it's a blend of Alt Rock and Pop Punk but keep getting genres wrong bud.
  5. Imo it's better than the original song.
  6. That band name / album title (Ghost Data - Void Walker) sounds so fucking cool, I'm gonna give that a whirl. Also, Rebel is easily my favorite track on this EP.
  7. Holy shit. Guys, don't sleep on this.
  8. Live While You Can and Blood Waltz are easily the best songs on here. The rest of them honestly just haven't stuck with me even remotely.
  9. Album is officially up on Bandcamp! -
  10. Part of me really enjoys this because my favorite band is Black Veil Brides and some of the songs are actually solid. But the majority of me also can't stand how vapid some of this seems, and how they don't understand that BVB was never about just the image. Still enjoyable for me though, I don't regret listening.
  11. Guys; you're all tripping if you think "Starving To Be Empty" isn't the best song on here. Cause it is. It rules.
  12. I can't wait to hear suburban moms talk about this movie needs to be banned while they get their Mocha Choca Starbucks before yoga class.
  13. Exactly! See I recognize the appeal of metalcore like that, but I've always appreciated atmosphere over technicality every time; but that's just my personal viewpoint.
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