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  1. Guys, please help, I can't stop listening to this album.
  2. Cleans are definitely an acquired taste, but holy shit this bumps in the truck.
  3. Honestly, it feels like Travis is just in Blink still to cash on royalty paychecks and acts as a vehicle for Travis to try experimenting to hone his craft for his other, better projects (since Blink-182 can release practically whatever they want and it'll still sell bushels). Travis's work with MGK, JXDN, and Yungblud has been better than anything Blink has done in years. You can tell he actually feels inspired in these new projects.
  4. Forget Me Too is one of my favorite songs of the year. This rules so much. I'm so happy this album ended up ruling,.
  5. As someone who grew up in the scene, knew the connections MGK had and the love he had for this kind of music, the people saying he's faking it really don't matter to me. It's objectively untrue. This album isn't perfect, but I'll be damned if it isn't fun and lighthearted. It brings back a certain nostalgic quality that's been missing from the genre for quite a while now. Honestly, this is what Blink-182's most recent work should have sounded like. I haven't had this much fun with an album in this genre for a while. This will be cited as the album to help bring Pop Punk back into the mainstream, and rock as a whole. I can also assure you that regardless of the quality, this album will be cited as a classic 20 years from now, more than any of his rap work. Just watch, this is a time bomb, and along with Yungblud, JXDN, and such artists, this shit will change mainstream music culture. 9/10
  6. Hey there everyone! Could I please get Sworn In's second album "The Lovers / The Devil" in 320 mp3 kbps? Thank you so much! Spotify:
  7. Hey there! Is there any chance I could get the album 'House of Rats' by Modern Day Escape in 320 mp3 kbps? The original request link has gone down for that album. Thank you! Spotify:
  8. This is incredible, especially Holy Water. If you're a fan of Danger Days era MCR with a Post-Hardcore twist, give this a listen.
  9. This is incredible, holy shit don't sleep on this.
  10. Hey there! Could have The Killers - Hot Fuss in 320 mp3 kbps, please? The previous link in an older request is no longer working.
  11. Really enjoyed the complex, haunting, polyrhythmic dissonant chords on display here.
  12. You'd be surprised just how much a person can change in two to three years.
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