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  1. Guys guys. I get you're sad about your shitty woman beating musician dying but come on.
  2. Freedom of Speech exists for everything, even what you hate
  3. One day you'll come up with a better diss, son
  4. Ah alright. Yeah all of these posthumous releases are just a result of record labels stretching their insane artist contracts beyond the grave. Just let his unfinished music rest with his family and loved ones.
  5. What? Music was always a product. Even going back as far as classical music, Bach was literally the Imagine Dragons of the baroque period, making compositions specifically to please the masses (especially the richer parts of said masses). Music can be both art and a product, you know that right? Obviously XXXTentacion is shit, but your post is flat out wrong man.
  6. Hate Me had one incredible song "Remember Every Scar" The rest seemed like shit that his label made him do.
  7. He wasn't good as a person or a musician when he was alive, and his unreleased b-sides from his label are even worse. For fucks sakes just let this shit go away.
  8. Craig Mabbitt is one of the reasons I became a musician in a first place. This War Is Ours, the Self Titled, and parts of Ungrateful had a huge effect on my music palette and I'll always be grateful for that. Dead Rabbitts sounds like Craig is having a ton of fun again, and it makes me so happy to hear that. EP rules.
  9. Man I hope Deftones has improved since Kpi No Yokan
  10. God these tracks are so good. If these are the deluxe tracks for the WSTW remaster then I'm even more stoked. I can't wait to hear the rerecording. It's gonna be incredible.
  11. Thank you so much dude! I'm glad you've been jamming my stuff
  12. Thank you so much dude! Believe it or not that was actually a b-side from my Lies of Fire EP that I reworked for this EP
  13. Also if anyone wants to check the lead single on Youtube as well, here's a stream!
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