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  1. Song is fine but holy shit that album cover is still terrible.
  2. Genre tag is wrong, this is actually more Pop Punk. Damn good Pop Punk at that as well
  3. Well this sucks, RIP KL Yeah gonna third that. If anyone knows any similar sites (I'm already aware of the Russian metal one, cool site too), shoot me a PM
  4. Hey the version of "Hate Me" isn't the standard version, it's the altered Nightcore version.
  5. Hey there! Could I have Nico Collins song "Hate Me" and "Wake Me Up" in 320 mp3 kbps? Thank you so much! Spotify:
  6. Hey there! Could I please have the album "Drama Kids" by the band "SouthFM" in 320 kbps MP3? Thank you so much! Spotify:
  7. The mixing is absolutely bonkers. Why do the vocals sit so awkwardly there? Also the songwriting is completely borked, I get that tempo switching is fun but it needs to be done in a way that doesn't stick out so abruptly.
  8. AOTY incoming in 2021, no exceptions. Song is fucking incredible, that chorus is the best chorus of any song released this year that I've heard.
  9. This album is fucking incredible, and their best by far.
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