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  1. This ol'man still has the vibe.
  2. Same producer as Bring Me The Horizon "That's The Spirit". These guys are pretty nice.
  3. 320kbps for me i download FLAC only when it's an important release
  4. One of the best of the year for sure
  5. Holy fucking shit, THEY'RE BACK!. This band is one of the most amazing bands i've ever listen. The ambient on their old songs are incredible, especially on the album "The Legend Of The Bone Carver". Def gonna have a listen to this.
  6. You guys don't know how much i've been waiting for this masterpiece... Holy FUCKING shit bro!
  7. amazing EP, i really like the sound they have.
  8. One of the most underrated bands out there. I love this guys, sadly, they're not the same they were a few years back. The album is amazing, so happy about this dudes.
  9. Holy crap, this is beyond epic.
  10. Logic and Watsky are my favorite rappers. Can't wait for the full album.
  11. After being listening the album this whole night, i must say that for me, this is the AOTY for sure. I've been waiting for this album for a long time, and they greatly fulfill my expectations. The ambient on this album is incredible, the hard and groovy melodies on each song are remarcable. This is the ultimate sound i've been waiting for Northlane and now i just can't wait to see them live. The tribute they made to Tom Searle (Architects) on "Paragon" brought me to tears, he will be remembered forever.
  12. Holy fucking crap! wasn't expecting this! made my entire month with this.
  13. One of the best of the year, for sure.
  14. This is dope af. Amazing release.
  15. I've been waiting for this for so long