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  1. "Produced by Acle Kahney" that's why this shit sounds so dope
  2. oh my fucking yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss love u guys
  3. One of the best buys in this year for sure. What an album. Daniel Tompkins being amazing as always and Jordan Turner became one of my favorites female voices ever.
  4. These guys are doing it right. Looking forward for more of them in the future.
  5. this is actually very epic
  6. Bro, you're most welcomed. Also, if you like progressive metal/metalcore. You should check "The Antarctica Project". They're from here too
  7. I know the vocalist actually. Gonna ask him if they plan to release some english material in the future lol
  8. This guys are from my country. One of the best around.
  9. Overrated? lol watchu meeeeeeean
  10. Dayseeker Make Them Suffer Silverstein Oceans Ate Alaska Oh Wonder
  11. BOOM BITCH! What an album guys!
  12. One of my favorites in my life. If you haven't listened Dallas, go now.
  13. They sound a lot like Periphery. I'm lovin' this EP
  14. I'm really digging this. Amazing album