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  1. Superb release! Anus Pastry never dissapoints.
  2. I´ll miss so much Phil. He had some pretty strong vocals, tho Rafael is a strong new member to the band. I really hope they keep that epic line in their compositions. Been following them since their first single in youtube.
  3. Northlane and Make Them Suffer! Fuck yeah!
  4. Srsly? this fucking blast! what a song.
  5. My neck hurted a bit while i was reading this leak. Fucking amazing thanks :)
  6. not gonna listen this masterpiece until 320kbps
  7. This album is everything to me. Glad to enjoy the instrumental version of it.
  8. totally loving the direction they´re going
  9. so true and i agree with almost everyone here. This is a very pleasant surprise and im really enjoying the LP
  10. no shit guys, they changed the vocalist and still think they suck lol. Give them a break, they're doing it good.
  11. One of the best albums of the year. Great sound and pretty impresive coming from a female vocalist, she have an incredible vocal range.
  12. amazing band! stoked to listen their album! thanks for the share @Rorschach!
  13. Literally Holy Hell. Strong contender for AOTY! Shall we honor Tom´s legacy for ever!
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