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  1. what!? no comments? this might be one of the best albums of the year!
  2. Dude, this is a total win discover for me. Amazing armonic tunes over here. I´m really enjoying this band.
  3. This album would´ve been better with 1.25x more speed. Sad that SA is no longer the same, boring guitars arrangements and slow rythms.
  4. Superb release! Anus Pastry never dissapoints.
  5. I´ll miss so much Phil. He had some pretty strong vocals, tho Rafael is a strong new member to the band. I really hope they keep that epic line in their compositions. Been following them since their first single in youtube.
  6. Srsly? this fucking blast! what a song.
  7. My neck hurted a bit while i was reading this leak. Fucking amazing thanks :)
  8. not gonna listen this masterpiece until 320kbps
  9. This album is everything to me. Glad to enjoy the instrumental version of it.
  10. totally loving the direction they´re going
  11. so true and i agree with almost everyone here. This is a very pleasant surprise and im really enjoying the LP
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