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  1. What a change. This defo is not what Novelists used to be. Not bad but not great tho.
  2. Holy fucking shit. This song is absolute. Incredible performance from my dudes. Can´t wait for the new album-
  3. so fucking catchy, i´m digging the new direction they´re going!
  4. This ep is lit af. Totally recomended.
  5. These guys never dissapoint. A total banger. Well done!
  6. this is so filthy, papa franku would be proud
  7. what!? no comments? this might be one of the best albums of the year!
  8. Dude, this is a total win discover for me. Amazing armonic tunes over here. I´m really enjoying this band.
  9. This album would´ve been better with 1.25x more speed. Sad that SA is no longer the same, boring guitars arrangements and slow rythms.
  10. Superb release! Anus Pastry never dissapoints.
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