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  1. Why people compare this work with Augment or their old albums. They're great, but this ERRA is hella more mature than before. Drift was amazing. But i'm pretty sure that Neon will be a headbanger and people should focus on that.
  2. FUCK! every single is better and better! Glad now we have a release date for their debut album! Can´t fucking wait. Love this band.
  3. woah, first time listening this guys. They´re fucking incredible!
  4. nude sended, also, great song lads
  5. Lift Off might be one of the best songs i heard in a while.
  6. this is epic, you have my sword once again Dimmu
  7. This is it. It begins. I really hope i don't get dissapointed. It's one of my all time favorite bands.
  8. idk what to say about this guys but they follow me on instagram and they are pretty awesome
  9. Stoked on this one. These guys have skills
  10. wtf happened with all his social media accounts and yt video? lol