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  1. such a gold photo, nice one! JT seems to be a great guy to have a chat with.
  2. amazing! you're such a lucky guy! did they say anything about their upcoming album?
  3. My bad.. i thought it was.
  4. I'm in love with the single. This guys are so good.
  5. Dreambound again with the amazing band. Dude, you gotta love this label.
  6. oh my... i'm so hypped for this release. Can't wait!
  7. Let's have a listen
  8. Dude, Echo Chamber is a masterpiece! I really like that song, but i think "Citadel" is way more groovy. Also "Pool Spray" sound like a Meshuggah song, djent much? ha. Amazing album. I share your thoughts.
  9. Dude, hands down for the best of the month and maybe one of the best of the year.
  10. wow just wow
  11. oh my god, wasn't expecting this so soon!!
  12. MOOOOM! Jesse Cash did it agaiiiiiiiiiin!
  13. daaaaamn, both singles are fucking sick. Can't wait for this album.
  14. "Produced by Acle Kahney" that's why this shit sounds so dope