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  1. Love this band! Song was great as always
  2. This was really good! Thank you for sharing
  3. This was such a great listen on such a boring day Thank you
  4. Definitely gonna wait for 320 but you guys are seriously amazing for this nonetheless
  5. I remember when I first started listening to this band back in like '07. It's crazy that they can remain so consistently good while so many other bands have failed to do so. Big props and big excitement for this album
  6. One of my favorite bands right now for sure for sure. Also Kirby has got to have the most features out of any metalcore artist ever xD
  7. Thanks for blessing us with this awesome project! You guys keep doing what you've been doing and I know you'll have KL's support
  8. Love the synth and 808s in this, definitely a fantastic listen
  9. Damn chick can do screams and clean vocals nicely. Definitely excited to check this one out!
  10. This band is really fucking good! Liked them since I heard the single
  11. Thanks for all the new metalcore You're a legend
  12. Maybe if you didn't look like such a fag that chick would be into you xD
  13. Probably best leak of the day in my opinion! Thanks
  14. Okay okay, wasn't expecting this sound from the cover art but I like it! Tags are what got me interested
  15. Same I love days like this
  16. This is perfect for these rainy Sunday feels, thank you
  17. Getting some strong 3 Days Grace vibes from this, sounds really good
  18. "And your kids die too" xD Cool song, excited to listen to the full album
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