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  1. The way lyrics sound is a big part of HxC for me and the 2 lyricists in this band definitely do an amazing job! Definitely warrants a download
  2. Nothing scratches the music itch quite like it
  3. Bill $aber is dope. Only seen him in rap songs though so this should be interesting
  4. Ahhh nothing like some amazing Post-Hardcore to start the day
  5. This album is really fucking good for anyone that's wondering
  6. Oh my god this is so gooooood
  7. Damn this is way better than I was anticipating
  8. That opening breakdown is sweeeeet
  9. Can't decide what I like more, the song or the video
  10. That last song title is seriously a mind fuck if you really think about it. Gonna have to check this out, sounded good from the video
  11. Big Slipknot vibes on this one, with a modern twist. Definitely worth the listen!
  12. Damn, I had no idea how good this was gonna be! Could listen to shit like this all day. Two thumbs up for sure
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