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  1. First of all, thank you! It's been real cool that people have been enjoying this stuff in spite of the circumstances. Well, it was kinda an emotional and also business minded decision really. We didn't feel ready to release an album and felt at the time it would be smarter to release an EP so we could then move on to new material, cause as I said before, we recorded the album a while ago and didn't want to be locked into that material for too long. That does kinda tie in to label hunting and management also but regardless it was motivated by our own feelings on the matter. The song choice in particular was driven in part cause of where we felt the band were at musically, and also what would go down best live; Fail Safe and Castaway are pretty out there songs compared to the rest imo! Ultimately though, I'm glad they're out there, in retrospect it would have been a shame for people to never have heard those songs, kinda brings things to a satisfactory close I think. Thanks for sticking around all this time, it's been a good run! f you have any more questions feel free to ask away x
  2. Hey man, Jacob from Familiar Spirit here. So I'm assuming you haven't seen our recent announcement, if not you can find it here So we recorded the album Real Life Resistant a long time ago, January - February 2017 to be exact, while we were still under the Zephyr name. After rebranding as Familiar Spirit and releasing a couple singles, we decided to cut that album down to an EP of 6 songs. It was unlikely the unreleased tracks would ever get released, but when we mutually called it a day we decided to release everything we had ever done. As this album was the original intention, it made sense to put it out that way, as well as the Arashi EP. Sorry if that might be confusing, but the main thing for us is that you have access to all of our music and for free via Bandcamp. We hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for posting @Zephyr Sunrise!
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