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  1. This record is an absolute beast. Their passed efforts are crazy too.
  2. Lost my brother last year in March. This shit hits hard but it's beautiful within the beast of ourselves.
  3. One minute in (mind you, not a huge Lil Peep fan) "Everybody wanna flex on each other, I just want some money for my mother." That shit is so raw. Love the honesty, though I'm just a minute into the record. And no, I have no hate for brotherbear, just haven't really gotten into what or who Lil Peep is or was. I enjoy his music here and there. That's about the gist of it. RIP, brah. Your team did you solid on this. Can't say much for XXX though... Lol Again, that dude's music hits but his team did his ass so dirty. Just leave these passed on folk to be proud of a body of work. Don't rinse and repeat. Tupac did it first and after infinite, you should be solid, yeah? First time posting, my bad on a book. I have opinions and yes, I can be an asshole. Love and respect to a community dedicated to music.🙌🏼🖤
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