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  1. I know that Spencer Strobel was trying to find a way to upload it to streaming services but for whatever technical reason it didn't work out. I'm not really sure how to submit an unreleased album to the site (I don't think the band would have minded as the tracks were distributed via email in 2017 to fans). I'd love for Afterloss to get more love, it was such a shame they didn't get a chance to release it. I just wish there was a place I could have purchased it! In the interim, you can find youtube links for each track on genius.com.
  2. A few of the members also started another band called Native Suns which officially released an EP (and an unreleased album called Afterloss, which was sent to some fans via email after they disbanded). The Afterloss album is probably one of my favourite albums from the scene.
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