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  1. I don't find this shitty at all. That's the way 99% of people listen to music nowadays. There's still ways to support artists tho, it's a dedicated and strong act tho and I understand that not everybody can do it but still, there's plenty of ways. With shows or physicals. Band won't get anything from your streams.
  2. They are on tour in a month so look closely. meanwhile there's vinyls that await you
  3. I bet everyone that'll download this here did the same !! oh wait...
  4. Well I don't know man... the only thing I know is that it takes 50 people and approx 2 years to work on an album like this and release it and seeing it leak a few days before the official release feels deeply wrong to me and there's nothing you can say that could make me change my mind. Or maybe send a MetalBlade receipt proving you just bought vinyls ? idk. Cult of Luna is not TOOL, Cult of Luna is not Radiohead, this album came from the depth of 5 individuals that put everything in it. There's a lot of energy, dedication and money involved and this feels so wrong. So once again, This album deserves time. This album deserves all the quality the band put in it so it can sound incredible and so YOU'll be able to enjoy properly this experience, and not rape the fuck out of them just to have a bit earlier.
  5. Congratulations. You just ripped off a band and will discover a piece of art with a shitty sound quality ! Liked the album ? Don't share this and buy a vinyl
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