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  1. Really love the way the first and last track tie together, makes me want to start the whole album over again! Counterparts is so dang good. This album is much more technical than the last one, possibly more so than any of the others, and in doing so they sacrifice a bit of melodic atmosphere for more hard hitting riffs. Not a bad thing at all and the melody is still there often enough. As others have mentioned, closer is an absolute masterpiece. Actually, the last half of the album picks up and each song is top tier Counterparts. AOTY contender and regardless, this band always speaks to me on another level, can't wait to read over the lyrics and sing along for the next few years until another album comes out.
  2. Ain't gonna lie this is pretty great. Reminds me of Thornhill or The Ansible. Playing it on my gym's AUX!
  3. Wow a 5 minute Thorny song? Count me the fuck in! This song just made my day, the boys are so talented and the lyricism on this one is to a higher standard then ever. I like how the lyrics read in a similar breathless, ethereal and atmospheric way to the sound they capture. Can't wait for the full LP!
  4. Very good record. I've sort of given up on capturing the magic and personal feel that Origins had, mostly because I don't think someone can write about stuff that dark forever. Dayseeker has evolved musically and lyrically and this is an amazing showcase of talent. They managed to make a very accessible album that doesn't feel like a sellout or like it's lacking in substance (looking at you Wage War, BMTH, etc). There's some hardness still hidden in here, and those are my favorite tracks, Rory's screaming really works for me even if his range isn't as great here as the clean vocals. Standouts: The Color Black, Gates of Ivory, Crash and Burn, Starving to be Empty. Note: anyone recognize the female singer in Starving to be Empty? She was amazing!
  5. That Deftones influence on the last two really caught me off guard in the best way. I'll be checking this out forsure
  6. Wow I definitely understand the Imagine Dragons comparison on second listen. I think that's why I can't really love this album. I really wanted to but it's a mixed bag and very repetitive as a few others have pointed out. Best tracks: Telekinetic, Other Worlds, Perfect Machine, Manifest
  7. I set my sell out standards pretty strictly at Wage Wars newest 🙃. a joke, but Divisions is a masterpiece in comparison to that lol
  8. @Draxcazel Telekinetic is the only song with actual screams in it, with Other Worlds Than These riding the line at parts. Manifest sorta teeters into harsh vocals but overall this album is quite a bit softer vocally (sonically is a different story). Just look at Rise and Fall or Gravity of You, they're quite the juxtaposition.
  9. @Dmotionless570 I am not a big BMTH fan in general, enjoyed Sempiternal and That's the Spirit quite a bit but I think I only listened to them 1 or 2 times. Mostly indifferent on Amo and I don't think I'm the best person to give an opinion on the subject.
  10. This is a big disappointment for me. This album sounds more like a showcase of technical ability than a true album. Very uninspired lyrically (the space themes feel very forced) and almost every song has a repetitive part to it ("Don't let me let the...x3 dark take over"). Although I don't need screaming, those were some of my favorite moments off Transmissions and Vessels and they're mostly absent here. Happy to hear it in Telekenitic but it didn't mesh well with the rest of the song. Overall this feels a bit like a sellout to me rather than an evolution. Will keep an eye on my Starset guys, been a fan of Dustin since Downplay, but I don't see myself coming back to this often.
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