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  1. That's actually why I like Birth to Burial so much. A couple of the songs go hard. I listen to about 90% metalcore/hardcore now but alternative metal is my origin so I take a dive back in for the bands that I loved back in the day
  2. I'll be the first to admit I was nervous about this album. The three singles were all very good but didn't really stand up to their other material for me, excluding The Unknown which came at a time of immense uncertainty and fear in the world. The music video was a ray of light in the dark and the general positivity of that song really struck a chord for me. While I do really miss the heaviness of their previous work (Birth to Burial is one of my faves), this album delivers with hooks and amazing riffs that have the heavy edge I'm looking for. How to Live as Ghosts was one of the most infectious albums I've ever listened to and embodied my last Fall Semester of undergrad. This one seems like it will be the sound of autumn 2020. 10 Years deserves so much more recognition then they get, they are bloody consistent musicians with a rich discography.
  3. This band is so slept on. Absolutely bangs!
  4. Damn this is like nothing they've ever done bit also familiar enough to work, one might say...BALANCE! Definitely hear some Palms style in the bridge on this one
  5. Depends on your feelings about interludes and their purpose in aiding the flow of an album. It's really just a bridge between songs and necessary, most of the time. But yeah I see where you're coming from 😁
  6. As expected, this is top tier. Absolutely smashes. 72 Hours is one of my favorite songs of the last year and the breakdown with the "Ho!" in Glass incites destruction of property. Standouts other than the singles released ahead of time are...the rest of the EP tbh. No filler here. Just wish it had been a full LP so I could have a handful more tracks to spin.
  7. I can deal with one song on an album like this, but the entirety of Wage War's last album was ranged from bland and uninspired to downright cringe worthy and lazy. It was a huge step down from Gravity
  8. Massively slept on band. Also looks like they tweaked their name slightly
  9. That song is absolutely monstrous! I agree it is one of my favorite tracks of the year
  10. This band is so slept on. I love their debut album and this track seems to be an improving almost every way. Any news on a full length? I haven't seen anything
  11. Sad to see you're getting down-voted because I agree completely. Counterparts has evolved immensely since their first few albums and each album has a very unique soundscape to it, at least to my ear. To each their own though, I love dgd and cp. I will say I think DGDs progression as slowed in the last few albums, but I'm totally okay with that. It's certainly not stale, and nobody else is doing it as well (potential exceptions Hail the Sun and Eidola but they are much more serious so it doesn't seem in contention to me).
  12. Don't have the official lyrics, but pretty sure Born to Fail starts with Jon screaming "Only bangers from now on!" He meant it
  13. Hey now Counterparts is one of the best at the game, and similar to DGD, they fine tune their sound and get better almost every album. Both bands take a minute to click for some listeners, but ironically, both are in my top 3 of their respective genres
  14. Woah. This is absolutely refreshing and such a banger. Hype has peaked for this album.
  15. Man I love these guys and this album. I mean there are moments on this record that are just NUTS. It's not too often I'm amazed by riffage only (usually harmonies combined with some tasty riffs get my jaw dropping) but this album is so technically impressive. Was concerned by the new singers range but the album has a ton of variety. Markus sounds way better here than with Aviana. Basically, everyone is in top form and this is a comeback worth the hype, at least to me. Favorites: Brightwing, Nova, Reflection Room, Fireside
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