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  1. I downloaded my copy from here and haven't heard anything out of the ordinary. Strange.
  2. Weird. I have the 320 version and don't hear it. Is it exactly at 3:33 on Child?
  3. @alescher That is your opinion though... You can't tell someone else that their opinion is wrong.
  4. The ones we leave behind is damn good album closer!
  5. The Defiant is pretty close to the Deceived. Noice!
  6. Now, we just need the other seven tracks! They must be hiding under a rock somewhere 😂
  7. @Chief I trimmed out Bleed Into Me. Would you like that as a file (single) whatever?
  8. But how many albums actually get a teaser released a week before their release date? It's really not a common thing. And these teaser clips do not seem like the typical 30 second clips you would hear from iTunes or amazon when checking out a song before purchase.
  9. Soo....what source has the full leak and is just toying with us right now with these short snippets?!
  10. Absolutely loved this. Was watching the live premiere and everyone was waiting for the screams. Of course, they kept them until the end...those sly dogs
  11. Patiently waiting. This sounds better in parts to the vinyl rip, but it’s still not great. At least my stereo doesn’t have to be wide open haha
  12. If you want their discography, you can definitely find it online or from a user on here. I have everything that they've made within my iTunes. Discs as well.
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