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  1. Patiently waiting. This sounds better in parts to the vinyl rip, but it’s still not great. At least my stereo doesn’t have to be wide open haha
  2. If you want their discography, you can definitely find it online or from a user on here. I have everything that they've made within my iTunes. Discs as well.
  3. Well, I think and hope that it was a quick right off for Warner. Now they're out of contract.
  4. @Angerbanjo The tracks are split on this leak now.
  5. @SumoftheOffspring44 I really enjoyed Revolution Radio. To be honest, I'm pleased that they're continuing to put out music that is simply different with each release.
  6. @SonnyIanni I checked my Walmart this morning with no luck.
  7. If the poster was able to get their hands on a vinyl, why hasn't anyone found the CD?
  8. The band posted about it on their social media. So yes, they did say that.
  9. This band used to be great. Now they just produce slow and boring crap over and over.
  10. They said that they sampled the song intentionally and not to rip them off. They also said that one of the writers of the song was throwing a hissy fit, so they are donating all earnings from it to charity.
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