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  1. Friendship ended with Splinters From an Ever-Changing Face, Palimpsest is my new best friend.
  2. The OST, only. In-game was all his work. id screwed the pooch here
  3. More disgusting Slams from the 505
  4. Basically Within the Ruins if they weren't boring
  5. Their best album to date, but they need to improve in the production and mixing department imo; this is compressed to fuck.
  6. No 320, hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. Singles already have it as a AOTY contender tho
  7. Angriest music of the year tbh, step aside Traitors and Knocked Loose
  8. THERE IS NO ESCAPE Simonich is a monster; so glad he's their vocalist tbh
  9. Shaped by Bitch Tits Anyways, the whole Tim thing is dumb seeing as that he served his time and only time will tell if he's actually rehabilitated or not. That being said, this is aight. Safe album for the band although Tim's vocals aren't what they used to be anymore. Lot of eh riffs on here, too. 3/5
  10. Pure filth of the highest degree. AOTY until TBDM and Cattle Decapitation drop tbh.
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