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  1. Sounds good but that chorus sounds similar to another band but I can't think of the name. Maybe wage war
  2. Hm I don't know what to think of these singles they've put out. I'll def check out the album once it comes out.
  3. Oh shit I didn't think they would come back
  4. They're from my hometown and seen them live with veil of maya. They are decent.
  5. Not bad probably second best single they released. Junkies is first.
  6. While listening to the whole album I noticed they added some new ambient stuff from their singles Edit: A sad cartoon, screaming and I let it in and it took everything are probably my favorite songs on the album
  7. This sounds dope af! Too bad two people in the comments said the vocals sound like shit.
  8. So much for me posting this too. I think we posted the song on here at the same time.
  9. These two songs are absolute bangers! I hope these guys come to the US again, would love to see them ?
  10. This is probably my favorite single out of the two
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