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  1. I don't know why and how and for what reason I slept on these guys for so long but this shit definitely woke me up, fucking banger.
  2. New fucking Dealer?! Now this leak Day is one of the best I ever saw! Didn't expect this shit! LET'S FUCKING GO!!
  3. This got that old school $B mixed with new and I fucking love this shit, not a single bad song on this album, crazy to see how much they grew together in the scene and how much they improved, this that shit you get emotional & hyped to, fucking bangers, worth to be on top 2020 albums already, $crim can't do no wrong on beats FML, y'all don't sleep on these two.
  4. I'm not gonna lie, some of you make me sick, instead of talking down on the guy yall should give man tips and how to get better, the guy just trying to reach for his dream and he's starting from 0, everyone did at some point, ur most favorite band or artist started from scratch, he put alot of hours and effort into this, all he wants is people's ears and help how to improve, but no, let's just meme the guy for likes and whatever, fucking disgusted. Most of yall wouldn't even have the gut to put a song not even talking about a whole EP.
  5. There's no fucking way 2020 can start off better then this, holy fuck! 😍
  6. You guys ever got hit by something so hard that yall had to sit down and just think for a hard minute on what hit you? That's how exactly I'm feeling right now.
  7. Really wasn't expecting much from the album in the first place, just hearing them again makes me smile knowing I grew up listening to these guys, just a revisit to my childhood that was needed in my life on a different plate ❤️
  8. I can't believe I've slept on these guys for so long...This shit right here just hit me differently...Definitely gonna have this on repeat and hopefully my neighbours will join in the listening sessions.
  9. Now this is how you start 2020, putting pressure on deathcore bands to step up they're game cause Child Of Waste brings it everytime they drop something.
  10. This is actually really amazing, gonna have to listen to these guys songs now
  11. The names on these few songs tho? Holy fuck, BMTH has lost it 👀😂
  12. Let's be honest here, I don't know why most of you guys are surprised why they still dropping music from X, well he was signed to a label with a huge contract, they invested a lot of money into him, and now they need they're profit, no matter if the artist is alive or dead, that's the sad truth about being signed. They don't give two fucks if you are alive or dead, money is money and don't be surprised if they still got more music from X in the safe that we don't know that even exists.
  13. I don't know, I like this actually, it starts of relaxing, got a relaxing tempo and then it hits you with that breakdown that reminds you that they still are the same ADTR 😏
  14. I would understand if they woulda put this in the middle of the album but to drop it as a single to hype up the album? It's hard but wrong decision SS, fans expect redemption from yall after that last disappointment of an album 🙄
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