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  1. @TreeInTheWind little column A little column B. Definitely shows he was the one composing all of the music for Get Scared.
  2. Now this is what I call slappin as fuck vol. 1
  3. Dude dropped four of the five songs on his ep. 😂
  4. This song is the hand job of asking Alexandria songs. It's nice but you know what I really want.
  5. He has so much potential with this project but it keeps coming off as Western family get scared.
  6. @PhantomFear very doubtful. I know the rest of the band wanted to continue under a different band name but in order to be in the band they had a sign of contract that said they would not make music with each other without Craig. It could be a good thing He has other musicians. Matt Good And the rest of from first to last need to put out the album they said they've been writing nd Nic Martin has been pretty cool and sleeping with sirens.
  7. Ima check this out given she's on silversteins new album
  8. @AMNESIK Craig Owens said in an interview that he was done with the negativity he's been facing and felt the need for more aggressive music. He also alluded to having different band members this time.
  9. @ggl3dde Yeah they pretty much been transfixed releasing a million different versions of the Annabelle trilogy like it's Skyrim.
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