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  1. @xgerryx I like it, but I agree freak flag and Savages are the weakest. Savages reminds me too much of Monster by Skillet.
  2. @Exsanguination45 I agree with savages being the weakest on the album. What is the other one?
  3. @neebnoob18 It sounds like it. I enjoy this single more than most of the last album.
  4. 😂😂😂 I did. What a fuckin baffoon.
  5. I enjoyed Run Away, Black Rain, and Hungover you. Which is more than I thought. The opening of the first time reminds me of the intro to feeling this mixed with dumpweed. Maybe the EP will be more enjoyable in my opinion.
  6. @×KING×ReLLIK× @×KING×ReLLIK× @×KING×ReLLIK× @×KING×ReLLIK× @×KING×ReLLIK× Tom releasing more music and other forms of media than blink isn't an option it's a fact. Not digging Tom's new stuff that's fine the fanbase is pretty divided when it comes new blink and AvA as is.
  7. @×KING×ReLLIK× Your list is all of blink including Tom, since 2012 Blink had only released California and of course later this month Nine.
  8. @MyTearsYW Tom has released two singles and is on tour with AvA currently.
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