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  1. @ggl3dde Yeah they pretty much been transfixed releasing a million different versions of the Annabelle trilogy like it's Skyrim.
  2. @Willswansnipple shows the band in their natural environment. Plus don't you like listening to crowds sing over the vocalist? I fuckin love it
  3. @popcore182 They might be referencing the Green day, Fallout Boy, and Weezer songs they dropped when they announced their tour together?
  4. They should have called themselves Simple Champs ft We The Kings. Sounds cleaner, but song is siiick
  5. I enjoy the new version of Worst and all the little background chirps
  6. @xgerryx I like it, but I agree freak flag and Savages are the weakest. Savages reminds me too much of Monster by Skillet.
  7. @Exsanguination45 I agree with savages being the weakest on the album. What is the other one?
  8. @neebnoob18 It sounds like it. I enjoy this single more than most of the last album.
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