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  1. Why does the artwork look like Wayne from Letterkenny covered in tattoos?
  2. This has left me so headstong I will have it on repeat until this echo echo echo echo can subside.
  3. I am a simple man. When I see Hail The Sun I become headstrong as if I am able to take anyone on.
  4. @Burst But the level of headstrong I am feeling due to this song is comparable to the level of headstrong I felt in 2002.
  5. This song left me feeling headstrong and ready to take on anyone.
  6. This album left me headstrong and feeling like I can take on anyone.
  7. This song left me headstrong and ready to take on anyone.
  8. My ears are soup and this song is a fork.
  9. Oh shit. Chris Taylor Brown did a remix of this and said it is waaay better.
  10. Jonny Craig is the Good Luck Chuck of singers.
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