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  1. @popcore182 They might be referencing the Green day, Fallout Boy, and Weezer songs they dropped when they announced their tour together?
  2. They should have called themselves Simple Champs ft We The Kings. Sounds cleaner, but song is siiick
  3. I enjoy the new version of Worst and all the little background chirps
  4. @xgerryx I like it, but I agree freak flag and Savages are the weakest. Savages reminds me too much of Monster by Skillet.
  5. @Exsanguination45 I agree with savages being the weakest on the album. What is the other one?
  6. @neebnoob18 It sounds like it. I enjoy this single more than most of the last album.
  7. I enjoyed Run Away, Black Rain, and Hungover you. Which is more than I thought. The opening of the first time reminds me of the intro to feeling this mixed with dumpweed. Maybe the EP will be more enjoyable in my opinion.
  8. @×KING×ReLLIK× @×KING×ReLLIK× @×KING×ReLLIK× @×KING×ReLLIK× @×KING×ReLLIK× Tom releasing more music and other forms of media than blink isn't an option it's a fact. Not digging Tom's new stuff that's fine the fanbase is pretty divided when it comes new blink and AvA as is.
  9. @×KING×ReLLIK× Your list is all of blink including Tom, since 2012 Blink had only released California and of course later this month Nine.
  10. @MyTearsYW Tom has released two singles and is on tour with AvA currently.
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