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  1. Aight, it's official, this is definitely gonna be my AOTY, the intro alone gave me chills with the way it went into Prayers
  2. Thanks man, been really looking forward to this one
  3. Aight, now having listened to it I can say that this shit goes fucking hard, but I don't think it has as much replayability as Rule of Nines and Blessed Be. When the album comes out I definitely won't be skipping over this one but I don't really think I'll be going out of my way to listen to it. It's still a good song though
  4. God fucking damn Courtney, sounding like a pure fucking demon my god
  5. Holy shit, I thought Ludens was one of their best songs since Sempiternal but this just blows Ludens out of the water. If they keep with the darkness and intensity and just overall vibe that this has then I can easily say this album/EP will be up there with Sempiternal as their best release, if not better.
  6. I want the album already, my god all 3 songs have been fucking amazing so far. I prefer this so much over Bilmuri
  7. Having had this album as long as I have and now coming back to it I have a few things to say, first off this is a really good album, like it's easily up there with Mothership and Artificial Selection for me. I can very confidently say the back half of the album is much better then the front half and I usually find myself starting the album at One In A Million instead of Prisoner, and I feel like that's because of the fact that it was the lead single. Overall for me the album is a solid 9/10 not quite as good as Mothership (9.5/10) but better then Artificial Selection (8.5/10) I can't wait to see them perform these songs live in September when they get back to Minnesota
  8. Well this slaps a lot harder then I thought it would, I've never really been a fan since the first album but I might give this next release a spin if this isn't just a one off single
  9. This is art, I hope they release a full album one day
  10. I don't hate this but we all know they can do so much better Introduced Species is a song, I think you mean Unimagine
  11. This is the album I've been waiting for, let's be honest
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