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  1. Same, that weak fuck decided to have a flame me while attempting to boast how his life is all that. Really? Is it really all that when he is breaking down in front of the internet and trash talking back to thousands of comments on the internet for the past few months? Nah, that's a guy with a red ass. And it's that weakness that isn't allowing him to just ignore comments on 8 year old youtube videos. lmao He's a washed up irrelevant frontman, Uncle Chris Reco looking back on his old tapes lol.
  2. this^, I just noticed that and this was where i downloaded it from.
  3. you right, i tried them all a few times and kept getting 404 errors, but now they are working, thanks for letting me know!
  4. what's wrong with the follow the leader download? has 25 tracks and 12 of them are silence for 5 seconds. Just had to delete the extra tracks and edit the correct track # in properties.
  5. lol forgot all about this band, it's been a while
  6. i blame whoever let him out for this...
  7. Jesus christ my eyes just happened to scan over and notice this was actually leaked. This is such a surprise!
  8. That's probably why I had major 'For the benefit of Mr. Kite' vibes from Waltzing off. it's one of my favorites off this album!
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