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  1. Fr that ass is phat and the music is stunning
  2. How? Lol. I hear Pink Floyd "The Wall" era in the chorus and before that it sounds very 80s. Great song though!
  3. Wow wasn't expecting this today, thanks!!!
  4. This sounds pretty good. The album cover looks so much like The Antlers - Hospice though.
  5. This album's great. Just as good as their debut
  6. This album SLAPS. Been listening to it non-stop since Sunday!! I Love Louis Cole, Black Qualls, KOTH, & DB Durag are my favorites
  7. Been DYING for this to get posted!! Moses Sumney is brilliant, his music is ethereal. Saw him last night and God I can't wait to hear these new tracks!
  8. Can you upload the songs Talking Heads and Crow's Perch please??
  9. Thanks so much for this!! Been waiting for this song to drop and new music from Alan. Hilarious how there's a little warning that says "say no to pirating".
  10. As much as I'm dying to listen to this, I'll wait for 320 lol.
  11. Worth noting that this is the side project of Shiv Mehra and Dan Tracy of Deafheaven fame!!
  12. This is NOT an EP. Insane record, Jeremy from Touché Amoré is singing and the drummer is from Gouge Away. Some in your face hxc
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