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  1. Pretty boring tbh. The first two singles were much better.
  2. Album is amazing. These guys are really underrated
  3. I'm not sure where everyone is getting their information from about the album coming out today. iTunes and Google Play have the release date listed as next Friday. I think it got pushed back
  4. I really hope this is the direction the new Deftones record takes. This song is better than all of Gore.
  5. Holy fuck this song is crazy good. Thank you!
  6. Excited to listen to this, loved these guys ever since Bottom of a Bottle came out. Thanks!
  7. Danny was in his own rock band before HU. They were called Lorene Drive.
  8. With the 2 singles released so far, these guys are slowly starting to become one of my favorite bands.
  9. Not bad, but probably the weakest single so far imo. The last 2 were much better
  10. I guess the Vinyl has 3 bonus tracks on it. Hopefully we get them sometime.
  11. A lot of these new songs give me "Home" vibes. Good album so far
  12. Awesome, can't wait to hear them. Thanks dude!
  13. Hopefully the 2 bonus tracks get posted soon, anxious to hear them.
  14. When I first started listening to Black Soul I was like "wtf is this?" and then the chorus kicked in. Definitely Shinedown's heaviest song since Son of Sam. Album is actually pretty good, I like it a lot more than Threat to Survival so far.
  15. Do these guys have a new album coming out soon? I know they’ve put out like 3 singles since November but haven’t heard anything about an actual LP. Song is good though, thanks!