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  1. Getting some serious "Always" vibes from "One More Night". This is probably their best album since Back In Your System IMO
  2. Why did they re release a song from "Stuck" as a new single?
  3. This is so fucking good. UnReal was one of my most played albums last year, hoping for an announcement of a new album from them soon!
  4. Slash and Myles seriously cant make a bad album together. Thanks!
  5. This and their other single "Eater of Worlds" are both pretty solid. Thank you!
  6. YES! Thank you! Hoping it's as good as or better than The Return
  7. This is some good stuff, they really do sound like Sevendust. Thanks for this!
  8. These guys remind me a lot of Love and Death. Thank you for posting!
  9. This shit slays, I've listened to the whole thing like 6 times already. Thanks for posting this.
  10. Pretty boring tbh. The first two singles were much better.
  11. Album is amazing. These guys are really underrated
  12. I'm not sure where everyone is getting their information from about the album coming out today. iTunes and Google Play have the release date listed as next Friday. I think it got pushed back
  13. I really hope this is the direction the new Deftones record takes. This song is better than all of Gore.
  14. Holy fuck this song is crazy good. Thank you!
  15. Excited to listen to this, loved these guys ever since Bottom of a Bottle came out. Thanks!