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  1. I agree. Let the Chaos Reign was great and this is just as good. Hopefully their next album sounds more like this, and less like "Work"
  2. I may be in the minority here, but as someone who absolutely loved their debut album and the Lo Lamento single they released back in '16, this is honestly very underwhelming. The breakdown around the 2:50 mark is pretty nice, but after 4 years of waiting for them to release something new, I'm pretty disappointed. I still have hopes for the new album in January given Head's track record, but this single really lowered my hype overall for Perfectly Preserved as a whole.
  3. My most anticipated release this week, can't wait to give this a full listen when I get off work today!
  4. Looking for this single in 320 if possible. I can't find the link to itunes but I have the spotify link if that helps. Thanks in advance!
  5. Damn this a welcome surprise, I had no idea they were making music again. Thanks for this!
  6. Looking for a couple albums by Kopek, in 320 if possible please. Thanks in advance!
  7. October 23rd. Its on Google Play and on their official site.
  8. Not as strong as Trial By Fire, but still pretty decent. Hyped for the album to drop in October
  9. Thanks a ton man! You always come in clutch with these requests!
  10. Looking for the 2 new songs from Smith & Myers upcoming album, in 320 if possible. Thanks!
  11. This is like an evil version of Nickelback lol
  12. Thank you for this, hoping it's on par with the original S&M!
  13. Looking for the new single by Daughtry in 320 if possible. Thank you in advance!
  14. never heard of these guys before this release but after my first listen I downloaded their first album and EP cause I was that impressed. They're like Korn, Sylar and Backwordz combined into one. Thanks for the upload!
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