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  1. Damn this a welcome surprise, I had no idea they were making music again. Thanks for this!
  2. October 23rd. Its on Google Play and on their official site.
  3. Not as strong as Trial By Fire, but still pretty decent. Hyped for the album to drop in October
  4. This is like an evil version of Nickelback lol
  5. Thank you for this, hoping it's on par with the original S&M!
  6. never heard of these guys before this release but after my first listen I downloaded their first album and EP cause I was that impressed. They're like Korn, Sylar and Backwordz combined into one. Thanks for the upload!
  7. After 3 listens this might be my favorite Static-X album. Otsego Placebo and Terminator Oscillator go hard as hell
  8. After the first listen I thought this was awful compared to Look at Yourself, but now after giving it 3 spins it's really good. Probably won't beat Look at Yourself as a whole to me, but it's still a very solid album from these guys.
  9. One of the better songs they've released in the last few years, I like it.
  10. This might actually be my new favorite album by these guys. Sleeping Lions was pretty forgettable with the exception of a few tracks. Every track on here is pretty solid though. Thanks for uploading this.
  11. That opening riff on Second Death, holy shit. I didn't really care for Only Death Is Real, but this album slaps
  12. Man I miss the days of The Blackening. Flynn's lyrics are just awful here.
  13. PTL link wasn't working for me. Other link worked fine though
  14. Agreed. I havent really enjoyed an AB album front to back since ABIII
  15. After the first listen it's not bad. Nowhere near the quality of Reign of Terror though.
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