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  1. Man I miss the days of The Blackening. Flynn's lyrics are just awful here.
  2. PTL link wasn't working for me. Other link worked fine though
  3. Agreed. I havent really enjoyed an AB album front to back since ABIII
  4. After the first listen it's not bad. Nowhere near the quality of Reign of Terror though.
  5. Love this, cant wait to see them on August 1st!
  6. Respire goes so damn hard, definately my favorite track so far. Thanks for this!
  7. Sounds like Emmure and Static-X had a love child, I love this shit!
  8. Quality is really, really good for 128. Thank you for this.
  9. War fucking slaps so far. Sounds a lot like old Demon Hunter to me, much better than Outlive was. Hopefully Peace is just as good, havent listened to it yet.
  10. Reminds me a lot of Sixx:A.M. Otherside is my favorite track from this
  11. This album really reminds me of New Demons by ISS. So damn good
  12. Did they change vocalists again? The vocals sound different than they did on the Misery EP. Great song though
  13. God damn this is good. Never heard of these guys before but this album will be in my rotation for a while
  14. This is really good, I really liked the single they released last year and glad they decided to keep the cleans singer from Whether, I as a permanent member of the band. Thanks for this.
  15. Getting some serious "Always" vibes from "One More Night". This is probably their best album since Back In Your System IMO
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