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  1. Wasn’t expecting this until at least tomorrow, Thanks!
  2. Didn’t really care for this single at first but after a few listens it’s grown on me. Hopefully the rest of the album is solid and we get some more of Morgan Rose’s screams on it.
  3. Different from what I’m used to hearing from these guys. Kind of gives off an early Foo Fighters vibe imo. Still a decent song, but I liked the first single better.
  4. Not a bad song, but the guitar solo sounds exactly like Decode by Paramore
  5. This is gonna be a strong contender for AOTY for me. This song is straight fire.
  6. Sounds like Deftones crossed with My Ticket Home. I like it!
  7. Love the "Division" and "Feeding the Wolves" vibes from both the first single and this one. Should be a pretty solid album if the rest of it sounds like this!
  8. I agree, the singer puts off J-Dog vibes imo
  9. I think it's just your phone man, I just listened to it and didn't notice any skips or anything like that.
  10. It is. I just looked at all the info on it over at Loudwire. Definitely fits their sound.
  11. Didn't know these guys had new material coming out. They never seem to disappoint. Thank you!