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  1. I hate to be that kind of guy but I'm disappointed that the deluxe version have only 1 new song... 1 cover and 4 acoustic songs is not my cup of tea !
  2. It's still musically meh I like funny and over-the-top stuff like IA but this is not good... I' m not even gonna talk about the fact that they sell Butt-plugs
  3. They can't make the same album with the same sound over and over again
  4. Horrible single cover, the thumbnail of the YT video is scaring me (in the bad way). Sleep It Away is way better... And I'm into Deathcore & Slam, so it's not because I don't like heavy stuff... Edit : 44 seconds into the song and I'm already out
  5. They are fucking against it... Do you really think these guys are religious people who rape babies ?
  6. It's just a fucking song name, you want your freedom of speech ? Then respect these artists.
  7. "Favorite genre : hip-hop" I wonder how many times they'll rap about sex and drugs then whine with auto-tune for the chorus. Amazes me people still listen to this GaRbAgE.
  8. When he was young he had abnormally low testosterone production.
  9. In Dying Arms is still one of my favorite bands, I REALLY miss these guys ! I wasn't sure if I would listen to the EP but now I'm sold
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