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  1. "Yeah, we need big names so we can hide our lack of originality"
  2. I would rather talk about you than the song in the preview.
  3. Is that a girl or a guy ? Anyway, I'll smash... That Upvote button
  4. Can't wait to listen to Landmine & Above My Head
  5. Waiting for a tab book of "The Death of Me"!
  6. 1. Lorna Shore 2. Polaris 3. The Ghost Inside
  7. Anyway, we all know that Ghostemane is better !
  8. Nothing against you but "edgy lyrics" and you're arguing on a Scarlord post ?
  9. We need more songs like "Smokey" or "We Were Just Kids"... Not horrible but meh
  10. It's aliiiiive, can you feel it ?
  11. Not worrying about Symphonic Deathcore with Shadow of Intent 😌
  12. I have to disagree, Dear Desolation and Holy War are meh but Human Target have a lot of good songs !
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