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  1. Exactly what I thought. Band members are not always together, they don't know if their fellow members are rapists. My best friend could be one I would not know. But.... The bassist did something wrong too apparently. Not aware of this tho
  2. I'm also a Deathcore vocalist ! Of course not as good as a professional but yeah I know it's not true... There's Dickie, Luke (Acrania, HE), Tyler (Traitors), CJ (McMahon, of course), Scott (Carnifex), Joseph (FFAA) & God himself Ben Duerr (SoI, HP)
  3. She was still on drugs... But the fact that she posted it on Pornhub probably means it was not rape, I did not see the video on PH so can't say if it's true or not. Deathcore vocalists are disgusting and likes being with weird addicted girls.
  4. People needs to know that things are not always black or white
  5. Don't care about anything. This band is good and I'm sure there's "normal" and harmless people in the band
  6. Never listened to Lil Peep but Hellboy was already released a long time ago I think... Don't understand the re-release
  7. If you get porn ads on you friend's Wi-Fi, give that friend a little surprise !
  8. I'm not disliking the girl's belly but the fact that this is an album cover. It could be an athletic girl, it would be the same !
  9. I'm dating a chubby girl that I could not love even more. If you think this is a good album cover, there's a problem with you.
  10. "Without the Eyes" NGL, wish I was blind.
  11. There's a new Single already... What ? Anyway my body is ready for it !
  12. Oak Island is their best work and I know they will never top that, Selective Hearing is OK but not Groundbreaking
  13. A huge Thank You to @Feeshmon, listened to the first half of the record. I'm just gonna say that I'm even more hyped to see them in Paris with Vulvodynia !
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