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  1. He've come a long way since Budapest !
  2. The first singer/screamer of OAA was a God-tier Metalcore vocalist for me
  3. Too bad I don't like DGD that much. I quote : "Worryingly, people appear to be listening to DGD on purpose". Then you act surprised because I'm arguing with you. I was acting like you and you got pissed off.
  4. You were acting like an asshole, that's it. End of the story !
  5. Nope but judging people for their music taste is a problem. Even more when DGD is a band that have now nothing to prove
  6. For the sake of humanity, let this thread die.
  7. You're currently listening to Blackpink... ON PURPOSE
  8. People would much rather create an account for DGD tho !
  9. Saw them live. One of them screamed in my ear because I was not "interested enough"... Sorry if I was waiting for Loathe 🖕🏼
  10. Well to be fair, there is some BO vibes... But BO have some BMTH vibes... I love this band for the "There is a hell" vibes. It's weird how this sounds fresh when in reality it's just inspired by BMTH & BO
  11. Well... That's awkward Edit : AOTY for me with Immortal
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