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  1. nothing wrong with it tho, since their last 3 albums almost sounds the same
  2. thats because im not one of those pretentious metalheads that says its their best album because it was the heaviest, i only liked a few songs on it, and yea in my honest opinion Count Your Blessings was just an OK deathcore album, not bad & not that great too but hell for sure its not better than any of their other albums
  3. Sempiternal > There is A Hell > Amo > Post Human > Suicide Season > Thats The Spirit > Count Your Blessings
  4. 6 songs in and i can safely say that this album is already better than That's The Spirit.. Dear Diary is like a mixed up of TTS & SS
  5. yes bro, i don't understand the giving HYPE this album is getting when it's been done several times. Wage War, Fit For A King, Invent Animate, If I Were You etc. gave us this type/style of album many times and some of them got dissed out for doing it. but when it comes to this band everybody is acting like they never heard this type of music before, it's predictable and the structure is overused
  6. i really don't get the hype behind this album, i mean it's pretty good, its a mixture of FFK & Wage War's Last Albums, peace out ✌️
  7. always thought they have the chessiest choruses lol they went wag war route on this one
  8. the pitch correction at 2:14, can't unhear that now.. other than that the song is great hopefully the album will add up to what a incredible year for metalcore already
  9. @Bofa chill dude, this is like the ballad on the album i'm pretty sure the rest will be great all the way through & this song ain't that bad
  10. Kaliyuga will be their best album
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