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  1. I'm talking about the actual album. There is something still off about the FLAC rip. It is just too quiet. Doesn't sound like a lossless rip.
  2. We have this issue too. Wonder what is causing it?
  3. Any update on this!!! Dying to know..
  4. Has anyone got a better FLAC for track 8 yet. The replacement FLAC upload was noticeablely quieter and not as good as the original?
  5. The new FLAC for track 8 is noticeably sub-par in quality than the rest of the album. Has the issuebeen fixed yet?
  6. Us in UK got 320 mp3. So a bit better!
  7. Several mentions of the splitting of the album in two.. Nothing is True - tracks 1-7 Everything is Possible Tracks 8-15 Maybe?
  8. I've kept the original for posterity but will always choose to play this.
  9. TTtS <We Can Breathe In Space> Common Dreads <Thumper> <Destabilise> <Quelle Surprise> AFFoc <The Paddington Frisk> <Radiate> <Rat Race> The Mindsweep <Slipshod>? <Redshift> <Hoodwinker> <Supercharge> The Spark <Stop the Clocks>
  10. I see it as an extension of the expression of the artistic output of the band. Just like the music is. It's great to listen to the album early though, it's fantastic. Looking forward to receiving the vinyl bundle I ordered.
  11. Great stuff. Seems an apt place to share the custom Slipshod artwork I created a while ago.
  12. Anyone got these in FLAC? especially the studio albums
  13. 1. Dance Gavin Dance Artificial Selection 2. Marmozets Knowing What You Know Now 3. Muse Simulation Theory Alice in Chains Rainer Fog Architects Holy Hell Between the Buried and Me Automata I Between the Buried and Me Automata II Interpol Marauder The Slow Readers Club Build a Tower Twenty One Pilots Trench Massive shout out for La Dispute debut remaster too!
  14. While it's great to see this TA live album. Where is the La Dispute reissue that links to this page from the home page?
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