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  1. This song absolutely rules. I absolutely cannot wait for this new album to come out.
  2. I expected nothing less from TBDM. Fantastic track!
  3. Well then, this album is very much an AOTY contender for me now. If this is the kind of quality we're getting, then this year's going to be great for metal.
  4. FUCK. ME. This song rules \m/ I'll tell you something, this album's going to be pretty special for the metalcore genre.
  5. This direction is great for Code Orange. LOVED this single, I seriously can't wait for what Underneath has in store for us.
  6. Sounds like classic LoG for sure, and I'm diggin' it a lot. Great song! Excited for this album!
  7. A very bold move for them which worked very well for them. Got me curious for what this album is going to be.
  8. This is just fantastic from Sylosis. I can't wait for what this album has in store in Feburary.
  9. Solid stuff. Nothing special. It really doesn't scream first single to me.
  10. Seriously amazing track. Known them since Uprising and ye are able to still impress me whenever they release a single/album. Really excited for the album!
  11. This album's fantastic. One of my favourites of my year.
  12. Oh man, I enjoyed this a lot. Completely changed the song's feel and Matty and Spencer sound great together. I'm really looking forward to this deluxe edition.
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