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  1. I know this is gonna be an unpopular opinion, but I actually kinda dig this song. I still think the album as a whole is gonna suck, but idk I kinda jammed to this.
  2. This is a great song! Much better than Sunseeker imo, I'm excited for whatever they're working on
  3. Wow! Been quite a while since this band has come up on my radar. Not huge on the song, but I'll remain optimistic!
  4. Damn, that ending might be some of the heaviest stuff I've heard from The Used. Looking forward to whatever they're getting ready to release!
  5. Maybe pedophile is a bit harsh, but I know he was caught sending Instagram DMs to Travis Barker's 13 year-old daughter, then the band came out with an apology and blamed it on the drummer's supposed autism.
  6. This is sick! Beginning sounds like the intro to Stranger Things though lol
  7. This album is all over the place dude. 'I Forgot That You Existed' might be the worst song of the year. The worst part is that I'm only halfway done; why is this over an hour long???
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