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  1. I'm sorry but this is awful. Have enjoyed all their past albums but this new one just isn't doing it for me.
  2. These guys never disappoint. Still one of the best bands I've seen live.
  3. This is unique and actually really damn good.
  4. Sounds like something they would play at Forever 21.
  5. Digging this ALOT. The cleans are really good and I usually can't stand cleans.
  6. That preview is like a heavier abandon all ships 😂. Gotta give this a shot.
  7. I feel like I'm the only one who dislikes this new direction and loves me some good ole divination.
  8. This one is rad af. Loving those cleans.
  9. Not bad for just two dudes creating stuff I'm their free time. Always loved Dylan's vocals.
  10. Hyped for this. Makes up for the fact FTFD went mellow.
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