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  1. Getting old school HU vibes from this. Excited for this album!
  2. So fucking stoked on this. Missed these guys!
  3. Not a fan of the cleans, but the rest is rad. Excited for this album.
  4. Double down is the shit. Matt kills it.
  5. This is actually pretty groovy, I dig it.
  6. Their music has always been good sing-a-long style tunes when road tripping. That's about it and this hasn't changed that for me.
  7. Those last three songs are absolutely fantastic. Nice music.
  8. This is awesome. Loving the cleans. I'm seeing them on the 26th so if the album hasn't leaked I will try and pick it up for everyone.
  9. This is the content I donated for! 😍
  10. South of one slaps and deathsong is also pretty rad. Dig the album overall. Only gripe is the 3 damn filler songs.
  11. I named my dog after them so I might be a bit biased, but I don't get the hate. Album is rad.
  12. Thought this was going to be awful, but it's actually pretty damn good.
  13. Digging this. Can't wait for the EP.
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