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  1. Super hyped for this album. Dylan still has it.
  2. I thought I'd listen to this just for fun, and it is actually pretty damn good. Like the message of the song too.
  3. I had to sit thru one of their sets before and omg it was bad. In terms of the others I just don't get the hype, I guess I'm just not into the "industrial" style stuff or "noise-core" if that makes sense. I also didn't get the hype of the new Northlane album.
  4. King 810 Converge Loathe Code Orange I just can't with any of them. Idk what it is but I just can't. Lol
  5. I've missed these guys so much. Hope this is the sign of a new album soon!
  6. Glad they are gravitating to their older style as compared to their latest release.
  7. Uhhh wtf was that lmao. Hopefully that's just the intro and doesn't represent the whole album.
  8. Ayee thank you for this. I don't have any of their older material so appreciate this!
  9. Very solid album. It's like a metalcore version of Expire with some cleans added in.
  10. It's like Spite had a baby with Spite and named it Spite. But that is not a bad thing whatsoever.
  11. I think this slaps. Could care less if they are "copying dealer" because dealer goes hard. Give me more kick ass music to listen to like this regardless of the name of the band and I am happy 🤙
  12. Last single was kind of rough, but this reinforced my hype.
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