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  1. I talked to Tony Campos today for an interview, and Tripp's involvement was downplayed because there wasn't much of his music there to begin with. They actually rerecorded his parts, so there's no Tripp on the album besides small songwriting credits. Tony also said that's he's open to doing more music after these 2 volumes are out, which would be amazing!!!!!
  2. I actually planned to ask about Tripp's involvement, because I wonder the same thing.
  3. Me too. I'm interviewing Tony Campos this week, and plan to ask him what we can expect from Vol. II
  4. The whole album is amazing. Unfortunately my promo is stream only 😔
  5. These guys are amazing live, and they're all really chill guys. Hung out with them, mostly Ryan and Martin, in Syracuse, NY a few years ago. When they hit the stage they blew me away, they're so tight and into what they're doing. Best show I saw in 2018
  6. I've been fortunate enough to hear the whole album, and it's fucking awesome.
  7. I saw them with Mitch too, and he was awesome to watch.
  8. When I saw them at Mayhem Fest Eddie was hanging out with young girls at the soundboard. This shit doesn't surprise me a bit, but I didn't know there were actual accusations till now
  9. Thank you for putting this up. I love this band's music
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