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  1. i honestly don't see myself coming back to any of the songs off of this that weren't singles except maybe roadkill, it seems like they reaaaally wanted to make house music this time around which is cool and good, just definitely not for me
  3. honestly the song feels pretty boring and repetitive, the verses are cool at least
  4. idk if it's just me but andrew's feature on nothing shameful brought me to tears. god damn, that was really raw
  5. danny's voice sounds REALLY fucking weird here, and just like with adtr's degenerates, a dime a dozen breakdown doesn't make a shitty song good.
  6. i know the first thing people say when they put out a heavy song is 'tHiS sOuNdS lIkE sEcReT bAnD' but holy shit, this sounds like secret band. jon is going absolutely feral and i love it
  7. Super funky, which caught me by surprise. I hope this is indicative of what future releases will sound like. My sole complaint is that it kinda drags towards the ending
  8. this was taken from an email with an updated release date received/posted by someone on r/the1975, telling them that that's the date the preorders are set to ship by
  9. the drumming here is straight up fucking orgasmic, especially in that little rap-esque pre chorus after verse 1
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