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  1. Hey this is actually pretty good! Excited for the new album now.
  2. So I just listened to this for the first time This song is such a mess holy fucking shit if this & Parasite Eve are taste of what's to come then I am not hyped for whatever they're releasing next this song is such a huge mess EDIT: ok both tracks grew on me lol
  3. On first listen, I definitely prefer the entirety of amo.
  4. I hate to say it but I kinda like this???? Also (and I'm not saying this in a sexual way) Nicki looks fucking gorgeous on the music video.
  5. Listened last night. I prefer ABIIOR a whole lot more (still haven't heard their 2 albums before that one) and this is really weak but if I'm being honest I did not feel the length AT ALL. That was a suprise. So yeah 5.5/10. Might grow on me but I'm not too sure.
  6. Fetch The Bolt Cutters easily
  7. imagine creating a fucking account for this lmao
  8. I have not listened to this more than once and I honestly don't care enough to listen to it again it sucks lol 2018 was the last good year for them imo after that their music went to shit pretty much.
  9. lol they delayed like 5 times or so and yet it still leaked 2 days before gonna wait for Friday to listen to it, kinda excited even though most of the singles I've heard (didn't hear most of them) were pretty underwhelming
  10. I listened to it last night was really pretty. 8.5/10
  11. possibly most boring AOTY
  12. god this album really fucking bored me. Not good at all. the title track is ok tho
  13. it's alright this Fridays releases are very alright
  14. no one even mentioned the music yet LMAOOOO it's alright 6/10. best track is easily anthems the rest is incredibly eh.
  15. why does this sound like it's about twenty one pilots? also yay a shitty cover of an already shit song just what i needed this year!
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