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  1. yeah I realized that very recently and I just despise his music now
  2. fuck Eminem and fuck everyone that excuses the shit he says on this piece of shit (haven't heard the album, I've seen enough lyric screenshots on Twitter though)
  3. listened to it like 6 times at this point each track got better his best since Go Plastic imo (though I also like the albums he came out with after that one) & AOTY easily (but we'll see since it's January and I haven't listened to that new Poppy album) 5/5 FAVORITE TRACK: I love all of them but especially Terminal Slam jfc that one LEAST FAVORITE: 80 Ondula. cool dark ambient closer that reminds me of one Aphex Twin track & a couple of Autechre tracks but it isn't as good as the rest. Looking forward to hearing this in 24-bit
  4. yesss going to listen soon, very excited Squarepusher is your fucking daddy!
  5. I always listen to most music at night anyways Thank you so much for the recommendations! I'll definitely listen to them at some point in my life. Nice. What year was it in? 2014 or 2015?
  6. If you will actually listen to AE_LIVE, listen to it in this order. It's like it progresses with each set. My first Aphex Twin project was Collapse EP. Still absolutely love that EP. So good. Aphex definitely started it all for me too. I'm trying to know more iconic electronic artists/bands so it would be really appreciated if you could give me some recommendations. Thanks :))
  7. just downloaded this uhhh wtf is this Bataglia is not even on the album why is it here????
  8. yeah that dude is incredible too but imo Autechre passed Aphex since Untilted (sorry if that sounded wrong English isn't my first language)
  9. First of all, thank you so much for replying! I thought no one would reply. Secondly, their first three albums are alright in recent Autechre standarts to me. Amber is easily the best out of the three though. Fantastic album. (Also they haven't dropped an 8+ hour album unless you count AE_LIVE) Personally I prefer their latest work. It's just so creative and enjoyable. Thirdly, thanks I'm actually going through his discog rn (on the Universal Indicator stuff rn) And finally, have a great day :)))
  10. I remember that term on a twenty one pilots fan art lol
  11. just listened to it again with I Disagree and yeah it grew on me. It's pretty cool. Can't wait for her album in January.
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