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  1. Too bad Bon Jovi lost their appeal a long time ago.
  2. This is Mitch Harris from Napalm Death on guitar/vocals and Dirk Verbeuren of Megadeth/Soilwork on drums. And I don't think I'd classify it as metalcore.
  3. Sounds more like doom/stoner metal than thrash metal.
  4. This is a collection of demos for those who don't know.
  5. I'll agree...the vocals are pretty bad. Dude sounds like he's trying to be Ron Royce of Coroner and he's no Ron Royce of Coroner.
  6. Check out Redux Records guys. They have albums with covers of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Helmet to go along with this Alice in Chains one.
  7. Preview video sounds more post-rock than post-black metal. But I checked out their Bandcamp page and can see the post-black metal influence in some of their songs now.
  8. Features members of Atheist, Suffocation and Sinister.
  9. Stupid band name...pretty decent music.
  10. Hopefully the bonus tracks will show up at some point.
  11. It's supposed to be a goat's hoof, I think.
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