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  1. For 160 I reckon the quality is great! If you're having a shit week at least this will improve it
  2. I've loved ABR ever since constellations and this probably cements them as the most solid/consistent Metalcore band in my eyes. Every single album is such enjoyable listening. THIS album is just INCREDIBLE, i am in love - Don't think they could be anymore at their peak than this. There't not a single weak track on the album but so far a couple standouts for me: - Hero of the Half Truth - Heavy as fuck from start to finish, those bells at the end remind me of Vital signs. -The Frost - Love the intro, definitely agree with the Christmas feels haha. -Coordinates - WOW, this is already in my top 5 ABR songs ever, beautiful.
  3. Bass player has the best cleans! These guys are tight as fuck live too, saw them with WSS and tbh they were the highlight for me. Awesome stage presence, just cool guys. So keen to see how the album plays out.
  4. Thank you so much! I missed both the local premiere times; so keen to listen
  5. I'm excited to give this a go! TBH I love the thought of Novelists I just sometimes find it hard to properly get into them. Like Heartfelt is probably my favorite song I've heard in the last year BUT I don't enjoy anything else they've put out quite as much. On a side note, everybody listen to LANDMVRKS - World of Pain for a sick af song similar to them.
  6. This album is soo damn good, I agree with the others that have said they've finally found a balance between being fucking insane and musically enjoyable.
  7. Pretty damn good, I'm surprised they didn't put Ether on here as that's the best song they've ever released! haha. Not sure how memorable each song is as its only my first playthrough but did enjoy! Save yourself ties up the album excellently. Sounds sooo much like Jake Luhrs from ABR on the outro but with a slight aussie accent
  8. On the subject of Acoustic DLC give Alone Awake (acoustic) off the 2014 stand alone EP a listen. One of the best things they've ever done. Seen them live a few times, great band!
  9. I was trying to convince myself this album was good then I put on Lion's Mouth which reminded me that ground culture was fucking mad. Will not be listening to this in a weeks time
  10. I dislike In Hearts Wake more and more with every track they release. I used to love them back when they released earthwalker but now I just find them so generic and cringey + I can't stand the cleans.
  11. Man this is really worth a listen! Floccus is beautiful
  12. I've always liked them, went and saw them live too, had a chat - really lovely dudes! This album is actually great! A step above their usual funny, heavy stuff. Enjoy!
  13. Personally, the albums I've most enjoyed: 1. Erra - Drift 2. Bad Omens - Bad Omens 3. Caliban - Gravity 4. Save the Clock Tower - The Familiar // The Decay 5. ADTR - Bad Vibrations
  14. Hooked ever since I heard worst in me 3 months ago. Fucking loving this album
  15. Awesome! keen to give it a listen. Was not expecting anything from Logic.