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  1. Man this is an enjoyable album! All the non-released tracks shred the singles other than wayfinder. Wow burner is a fucking banger! Got those really bouncy feels.
  2. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy FFAK but they're hardly a band I expect to be revolutionizing metalcore. Unsure about others but when I hear the name Fit For A King - my brain instantly knows it's in for Tasty, Nicely produced, Generic Metalcore.
  3. Woweeee this lives up to the hype for sure. Start to finish there's no a single thing I didn't love. Absolutely slaps. It's an album which reminds me I'll never grow out of metal.
  4. This is cool, Wes has always made the odd riff which gives feels or blows me away. All songs seem to be slow ambient into heavy for the most part. Best: The Boob (wow last half is cool, that screeching tone is reminding me of something in Ocarina of time). Taste my gun is also cool.
  5. I'm stranded in Bolivia under quarantine and have endless time so here's my little breakdown. Great album! As per most ABR records I find they usually have 4-5 bangers and 4-5 nice but non-rememberable tracks and for me this is no different. Regardless very enjoyable listen through. Bring on 320kbps!! 1. The Narrative - 4/5 - builds in intensity, great intro track highlighting the musical technicalality and heaviness of the record. 2. Bones - 4.5/5 - Tasty chorus which the song is pretty centered around, love the leads. 3. Paramount - 4.75/5 - Diverse: Heavy, Melodic, Technical, Sexyyy. The leads from 3:20-4:00 are a real highlight of the album for me. 4. Defender - 3.5/5 - The first falls into the 'forgettable ABR moments' for me but the from the breakdown onwards is redeemable; theres gonna be some broken noses in the pit! 5. Lighthouse - 3/5 - Softest song on the record, has some nice melodies, sounds like Dustin singing chorus's but one of the weaker songs for me. 6. Dismembered Memory - 3.5/5 - Another decent song, has a couple tasty riffs and chugs but not overly rememberable. 7. Ties That Bind - 4/5 - Nice melody which builds into that filthy, bouncey breakdown that ABR just perfect. 8. Bloodletter - 4/5 - mmm that last couple minutes of chug is very sonically pleasing. 9. Extinct by Instinct 3.5/5 - What ABR record would be complete without a JB interlude. Ill say its a rich song but doesn't grasp me too much. 10. Empty Heaven - 5/5 - Awesome bouncey leads which blend perfectly with heavy verses - pretty much a perfect ABR song. Will be really keen to get the lyrics to this. 11. Three Fountains - 3.5/5 A nice rich closer, dont care for the first couple minutes but it rounds off the album nicely.
  6. The breakdown is like a fresh twin of ADTR - Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way
  7. Urgh it pains to me to agree but yep, just constantly waiting for a big chorus to pick me up but it never comes. A bit lack luster, I think the 5 singles was a bit of a killer too. There are some really pretty glimpses in it but plenty of songs I won't be coming back for.
  8. Been looking forward to this for over almost 2 years! Enjoyed the singles, loved superhuman. Many thanks
  9. On my second spin through and this is easily AOTY, start to finish just unreal. Those cleans mayneeee. As an Aussie I can't wait to see these guys blow up! Enjoy ya'll!
  10. Going to be a very strong AOTY contender! Hope this album brings them some solid recognition. Only 12,000likes on FB.
  11. This is just nice. I'm not blown away, i'm not disappointed, it's just nice. Would love to hear some really catchy stuff like Heartfelt, boy what an incredible sonic orgasm that last 3mins provides.
  12. My album of the year has arrived! This and Dayshell = my most anticipated of the year. I'm a huge fan of the singles they released, perhaps the first 2 were a touch early but it certainly built my hype. 01. Kingdom of Cards - 3.5/5 Intro spec 02. Running in Circles - 4/5 Nice Melodies, catchy chorus 03. Careful What You Wish For - 5/5 The Worst In Me 2.0. Absolute tuneeee 04. The Hell I Overcame - 5/5 - Pump up song for football, works every time! 05. Dethrone - 5555/5 - As put above, this song absolutely fucking fucks! Grit your teeth pretty well the whole way through. 06. Blood - 4.5/5 - Good melodies and some seriously heavy passages 07. Mercy 4/5 - great lyrics 08. Said & Done 3.5/5 - Catchy, nothing special 09. Burning Out 4.5/5 - Really catchy... and special 10. If I'm There 4/5 - Great album finisher.
  13. Yikes, sounds like it could be on a neck deep album. (Don't get me wrong neck deep are great but this sucks)
  14. 10/10 I love this, agree one of their best songs. When I think Dayshell I think catchy chorus's and this whole song is from start to finish. Love that acoustic interlude, wanted dead or alive vibes haha.
  15. Low and deadweight, they Wage War fan boys? Haha
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