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  1. 10/10 I love this, agree one of their best songs. When I think Dayshell I think catchy chorus's and this whole song is from start to finish. Love that acoustic interlude, wanted dead or alive vibes haha.
  2. Low and deadweight, they Wage War fan boys? Haha
  3. Devin is literally the GOAT. This is seriously epic. One moment youre getting fucked in the face with blast beats, the next youre on a cruise ship hearing seagulls and pokie machines. Only Devin can blend the two so seamlessly!! Also jeeeez the drumming on this is insane.
  4. Just adding to the love for this, hell goooood. I totally agree with the Pale Aura vibes, that is my favorite song Periphery has released, such a masterpiece. Blood Eagle was cool/heavy but didn't have the melodic vibe I love from them.
  5. Yeah really love that, such a good song.
  6. Dayshell and bad omens are my two most anticipated releases for ths year so really be counting down to this. Definitely not bad, production sounds great and I reckon the album will sound super diverse. Theyve certainly made catchier tracks than this, didn't really love the chorus. But still excited nonetheless!
  7. Last album was such a melodic masterpiece. Looking forward to this, vocalist is always enjoyable
  8. Thank you soon much! Was checking every 30 mins for the last few days. Devilcry @ 2:30 is the heaviest crunchiest tone. Pretty damn good album!!
  9. Fwaaaa very aesthetic staunch song. Why use English lyrics but release exclusive to Japan. Regardless huge hype. Apollo is one of the best metal core songs in recent years
  10. I love everything they're releasing for this album - tower of pain would be in my top 3 songs of the year. I have to wonder though, what's with all these tracks coming out? there will be nothing left for the album release
  11. Hmmm, it definitely sounds better? less static but I could be wrong? definitely not 320kbps regardless.
  12. Huge feels in Expiate, that Chorus is just soo damn good, as is Monolith. 'Who we were will never be the same, We'll never relive the feeling. Love we made, we let it slip away, And I just can't face it'
  13. Fucking amazing, have waited so long!! Checked every hour today knowing it would be out in the next couple days. WOW
  14. Thank you soooo much, one of the most hyped albums of all time for me. that key change in the monolith chorus is perfect.
  15. I'm willing to cop some hate for this: This song is super boring and uninspiring work from them IMO, end solo is alright but I do not understand the comments that claim is this the best stuff they've done in a while. I've loved BoO since The New Reign; this just lacks any melody which is what has always set them apart for me - A Higher Place is like a melodic masterpiece. Needs more shred from Cam, absolute master of technical drumming. BUT at the end of the day it's just one single
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