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  1. On the subject of Acoustic DLC give Alone Awake (acoustic) off the 2014 stand alone EP a listen. One of the best things they've ever done. Seen them live a few times, great band!
  2. I was trying to convince myself this album was good then I put on Lion's Mouth which reminded me that ground culture was fucking mad. Will not be listening to this in a weeks time
  3. I dislike In Hearts Wake more and more with every track they release. I used to love them back when they released earthwalker but now I just find them so generic and cringey + I can't stand the cleans.
  4. Man this is really worth a listen! Floccus is beautiful
  5. I've always liked them, went and saw them live too, had a chat - really lovely dudes! This album is actually great! A step above their usual funny, heavy stuff. Enjoy!
  6. Personally, the albums I've most enjoyed: 1. Erra - Drift 2. Bad Omens - Bad Omens 3. Caliban - Gravity 4. Save the Clock Tower - The Familiar // The Decay 5. ADTR - Bad Vibrations
  7. Hooked ever since I heard worst in me 3 months ago. Fucking loving this album
  8. Awesome! keen to give it a listen. Was not expecting anything from Logic.
  9. Haha thanks for that Woe! Im really excited for this album. I don't think they bring forth a new sound they certainly are a good listen! Different to how I expected them
  10. Heard it on the radio yesterday at work, immediately looked into who it was. Thought I was hearing Caliban at first. Sounds awesome! and pretty different to their usual stuff.
  11. Yeah sorry to join the hate train but this shit is weak AF, literally such a step backwards from New Demons. Ohwell, at least they released that banger
  12. If I remember correctly guys their bass player lost his life about a year ago or something, mental illness i think. So this record should be a massive one for them, definitely recommend checking out their previous album
  13. Fuck yeah, the intro takes me back to my Hardstyle days - Headhunterz! This song is the best one so far I reckon, keen as for his album!