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  1. these guys are fucking killer! i cant wait to see this band grow
  2. yeah buddy! i've been listening to this guys a ton lately and i didn't even know about this release cant wait to hear this! \m/
  3. been wait to hear this sucker! thank you \m/
  4. Devy's my favorite! he's simply the best!! \m/ thank for sharing this
  5. as a huge Godzilla fan this makes me want to give this a shot .... problem is i'm just not a fan of these genres :(
  6. Well damn i'm just going to say it, this is my favorite Acacia Strain album to date! \m/ it's just so damn heavy and doomy and i'm loving every minute of it!
  7. any change we could get the links fixed ? if not that's cool i would just love to listen to this
  8. Helllls yeah! I've been waiting for this one!. been a fan of them since i saw them with Suicide Silence in 2017, they were so damn good live
  9. Okay Closed Gate just sold me on this, soooo damn good!! thanks for posting this \m/
  10. Thank you!!! been waiting for this one! \m/ Update: okay so i finally listen to this a few times now and its fucking sick!! if you like mathcore stuff or your just a fan of Car Bomb this will not disappoint \m/
  11. daaaamn these guys never disappoint me
  12. Helllllls yeah! I can't wait to hear this. Thanks for posting this edit: ... it's a killer album \m/
  13. I have this sucker per ordered but man I can't wait for this to drop!
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