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  1. Noice bruh! This is steaksauce! Skrrrrt! Aayyy! Seriously, thank you for this
  2. holy jiggleass, thank you! time to get fucked
  3. with the risk of beating a dead horse but....damn peggy!
  4. Thanks a bunch! The boys' have been working hard as usual. I haven't really LOVED any of the singles, don't know why. A bit like their videos/singles for Ginger, I've felt the production has a "fuzziness" of some sort. Hard to explain. Something I'm sure will grow on me And I actually like Iridescence. They played around and tried something different. Cool, I'm rambling - thanks again! mwah
  5. I finally created an account to start giving thanks. You're my first Thank! Thank you.
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