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  1. Album of the year Material. Period. These guys KILLED IT
  2. This is a really good track from DevilDriver. The cleans threw me off for a moment, but from start to finish it is solid.
  3. Every single off this album has been incredible. Super pumped for this record.
  4. Its 4 total songs. The file size confused me
  5. I don't see the hate on this album. I personally enjoy it, and have seen them live many times. A great band and the members are class acts IRL
  6. Stoked for this. When will the 320 be available? Any ETA?
  7. Every single has been absolute fire. DAMN
  8. DAMN. The first two singles are both awesome.
  9. Seems like I am not in the minority with this one based off how others are reacting. We are all subject to our own opinion. I personally feel this album is a bust compared to their work in the past.
  10. That is a fake video. It may need updated
  11. 1 word --- Masterpiece Slaves KILLED it
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