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  1. Absolute Banger. I can't wait for the Album Just saw them with KSE and Light the Torch before the tour went down and got a drumstick
  2. Did not see this coming, but man I am loving it!
  3. This is one of their better songs they have put out in a while. I personally love it. Even though LOG is past their prime, this is still a quality song.
  4. I love ABR, but this track is just subpar. Not even worth putting onto my playlist or Ipod.
  5. Never heard of these guys, but DAMN this slaps.
  6. This band is going to make a statement in 2020. I saw them last year and they were incredible.
  7. ABR Just keeps getting better..... I can't wait to see them again on March 10th
  8. It does not sound like anything new Per se from LOG. it has the same vibe and riffs from previous albums.
  9. A very inconsistent bad, some songs are great, some are meh. Its hard to find a happy medium with Bad Omens.
  10. Great Single from FFDP. Definitely a good start to the upcoming album.
  11. Glad to see ADTR getting back to the heavier roots. This song is a banger.
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