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  1. damn Shane Told is good. he's showing that he's not just a screamer , which is why I've loved this band since 2002.
  2. Michael Scott said it best.....
  3. How dare them use my picture without my permission! i will sue!
  4. I came to find out what Hipster Black Metal is......
  5. This is really good! Can't wait to listen to the whole thing. I get a Beatles vibe.....anyone else?
  6. I didn't know that I needed this in my life, but boy am I glad it is!
  7. Post-Natal Abortion?.......ummm.....yes please!!!!
  8. Definitely some good "put on the headphones and trip out" music.
  9. Definitely one of my favorite band names.....you read the name and you know what you're gonna get!
  10. I can't express how much I am really glad that these guys exist.
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