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  3. Surprised amo was in the final vote, let alone voted #2. I loved it, but it seemed like most people shit on it. AOTY to Slipknot is well deserved. Took me a few listens to get in to it, but yeah it's easily the best album of 2019. Crazy that a band that's been doing this for at least 25 years is still putting out some of their best work. Solway Firth is the best song they've ever made.
  4. The pop to blegh breakdown is fucking amazing.
  5. 10) "Mantodea" - Destination Dimension 9) "amo" - Bring Me The Horizon 8) "Death Atlas" - Cattle Decapitation 7) "Walk Beyond The Dark" - Abigail Williams 6) "Unending" - Cloudkicker 5) "Bloodied / Unbowed" - Oh, Sleeper 4) "Redeemer" - Red Handed Denial 3) "Shaped By Fire" - As I Lay Dying 2) "All Hail" - Norma Jean 1) "We Are Not Your Kind" - Slipknot
  6. Single sounds like if Five Finger Death Punch was actually good.
  7. Holy fuck this is amazing. It sounds so fucking evil, I love it.
  8. Fucking excuse me? I heard about this album, but thought it was coming out next year. Holy shit this is hype.
  9. Looks like the download link is broken.
  10. Wuddup grandkids. Your pappy was here when history was made.
  11. LOL me too! I thought the "*Essentially if Rob Halford was fronting Slipknot with some crazy solos*" was super confusing for them.
  12. Damn, I was so excited for this album and it left me pretty disappointed. It's not a bad album by any means, it's just not that great. Maybe it'll get better with more listens, but right now it's not even in the same time zone as Gray Chapter. Liar's Funeral is probably the worst song they've ever made.
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