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  1. I think this is closer to a Staind-Three Day Grace mashup n terms of sound than the first album. Some really good songs on here that are well produced and written. The songs Ghost is something special and reminds me of Never Too Late.
  2. Miles better than their debut album which sounded like a directionless mess. The album fires on all cylinders with stronger vocals, production, writing, instrumentation and song structures. Foe or Friend is an absolutely brutal song! The album does lose some steam towards the end but it's a strong second album.
  3. Singles were good songs. Rest of the album is just boring.
  4. Listened to the whole album at work. Didn't even know when it was over. Nothing special. Really boring.
  5. It's hard and fast all the way through. if you liked the singles they've released, then you'll enjoy it because each song has the same level of production and follows the same formula. There isn't much in the way of variety. I think fans will love it, but each songs feels the same to me. The Wreckage is probably my favorite song, outside of the singles already released, with cool dynamics and melodies.
  6. I've got the special edition on pre-order but this is too good to pass up. This will keep me going for the week.
  7. Love it! That sweet sweet guitar tone and the infallible rhythm section. And of course the unmistakable vocals from Maynard. TOOL is back! The song reminds me a lot of Reflection from Lateralus.
  8. @jesuiskoldian agreed. not one memorable riff. it just all felt monotonous and the songs lack any defining hooks beyond a chorus here or there. not to mention the fact that everything is so saturated - instruments, lyrics. more than any other slipknot record it feels chaotic and messy. Even IOWA had easily discernable grooves, moments and lyrics that stuck with you.
  9. I was so excited for this album. But it's a disappointment. The opening salvo of the album is really good. After Critical Darling things start falling apart with only a few highlights. Not For this World and Solway Firth make it a strong close. Most of it is just aimless shouting without any real threat or emotion under it. Corey comes across as if he's shouting out chapters from his next book. It's just heavy for heavy's sake without the focus of their earlier efforts. Also not a fan of the production over the last two albums. At times it feels like there's just way too much going on and the songs just offer nothing memorable. The interludes are also pointless and the album is not the journey the band hyped it up to be. Happy for those who enjoy it but it's underwhelming for me. Just sharing my thoughts.
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