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  1. Buying some whisky and beers tonight, we going back to the 99s early 2000's boyos. Let's go
  2. Crazy, very crazy stuff. Every album gets better and better, not a single time i got disappointed by IA. Sick stuff
  3. This needs much more exposure, the instrumentals are from another universe...
  4. Damn this slaps so hard. Such a nice tune can't wait for the album
  5. Hope the rest of the album will sound like this, this formula always works
  6. Been following Loathe since their demos of Prepare Consume Proceed, they were always going places. Solid album asf and i hope that they will finally get the recognition they deserve since 2015-2016.
  7. Good song, hope they'll progress in the same direction
  8. Good to see them back at their full potential.
  9. Very good album IMO, going back to their roots with Kings of ignorance, Rain, Human condition.
  10. Can't believe these guys wrote KWAS, Horizons and Deep Blue...
  11. Lmao at some of the critics, song is technical asf vocally (lows, highs, mids + cleans) and instrumentally speaking (drumms are out of this world, guitars on point as usual and all of this very well mixed with ambient sounds here and there). Really liking the direction they are taking with Marcus.
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