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  1. Well at this point i don't even think KSE can make a SINGLE bad song. They don't even need to try. Too good. i'm donating too.
  2. Not their best work IMO, but there a quite few bangers on this album. Thanks for sharing
  3. What the hell is this lmao ? no thanks jeff. And who edited these songs? Danny sounds like he's singing with a nose full of coke...
  4. damn this is really good actually
  5. yeah, no. not the a day to remember i used to like. hope there will be better stuff on the album...
  6. Yep sounds like a rushed last album, they didn't really bother to bring something new. Well RIP to an ex good band.
  7. Buying some whisky and beers tonight, we going back to the 99s early 2000's boyos. Let's go
  8. Crazy, very crazy stuff. Every album gets better and better, not a single time i got disappointed by IA. Sick stuff
  9. This needs much more exposure, the instrumentals are from another universe...
  10. Damn this slaps so hard. Such a nice tune can't wait for the album
  11. Hope the rest of the album will sound like this, this formula always works
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