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  1. Honestly this doesn't sound like Novelists at all to me. still a good song tho
  2. i thought it was Feed Her To The Sharks
  3. ERRA never disappoints sick thanks for posting
  4. very interesting song imo, keeping their ADTR style while adding some radio rock to it. i like it had no expectations tho thanks for uploading
  5. Yeah there are like 10 different Salems on YouTube lol
  6. i thought my speakers were fukd up at first but looks like i'm not the only one about the low vocals thing other than that headbangin stuff thanks
  7. what a good surprise, wasn't expecting something with that quality thank you
  8. Damn this hits as hard a right uppercut to the jaw sick asff
  9. recovered my password just to say that i'm happy they are getting back on track, 2:23-2:35 proves it good sht can't wait or more
  10. Well at this point i don't even think KSE can make a SINGLE bad song. They don't even need to try. Too good. i'm donating too.
  11. Not their best work IMO, but there a quite few bangers on this album. Thanks for sharing
  12. What the hell is this lmao ? no thanks jeff. And who edited these songs? Danny sounds like he's singing with a nose full of coke...
  13. yeah, no. not the a day to remember i used to like. hope there will be better stuff on the album...
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