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  1. That is great stuff man, really! I legit mean it. I am working with drinking myself.
  2. Well if there is a bar in your town then I submit. Drinking is bad for you.
  3. Understood, but I do think Nickelback are good. Many bands have made the same album in a row, when bands dont people freak out so they may be on to something.
  4. I missed this I guess, it sounds like Red and I really enjoy it. Hinder wishes they were Nickelback, I love some good Nickelback. People do not realize the money they have made and the fanbase they have. Nickelback also puts on an insanely good live show.
  5. Their effort really shows on this one, they made attempts at being different and experimenting while also being them and going old school. They nailed it on this album, I am just really happy at this point in their career they care this much and it shows.
  6. people need time to listen to it, it was not posted that long ago. It takes time to form opinions and feedback.
  7. They did a lot of new stuff with this for sure, very progressive for them and they nailed it.
  8. I wasn't upset I just found it in poor taste, good on you for this post my man.
  9. I love how depressing this band is as strange as that sounds. Depressing and angry and I love it for some reason, their album Origin is one of the angriest albums lyrically and content-wise. Of course, Rory is awesome and I am so happy he emerged after Arms Like Yours disbanded.
  10. I really dislike the reimagined/Deluxe trend, but I can get on board with this.
  11. This is really cool and I also love that band name
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