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  1. There not adding old stuff the person who submmited this messed up
  2. There not re releasing old music its whoevee submitted this song fucked up cuz this is war the new song is 3:11 the song that u download via the link is "this is my war: clocking in at 2.55 There not re releasing old music this is my war is 2 55 and the song thats on F8 this is war is 3 11 so your wrong
  3. @Anton Chigurh lol ik i just dont care to use the proper grammer 1000%
  4. Ive submitted it too and their flac files so there better quality than 320kpbs
  5. I love this album as well. Im so excited to hear the new bonus songs off of flawed design
  6. Everything about this screams awesome!!!!!!! I love there new album and will continue to love there new and old stuff
  7. @surferbry i checked my walmart today cuz i got my check but no luck mo cds they all sold out. So i checked online and still no luck
  8. @surferbry im searching so hard and wide i found two preiviews but no full songs
  9. Omg thank you so much i wish it was the full album but this is just as amazing too
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