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  1. Agreed I already got a warning cuz a staff member was wrong and I knew It wasnt a re done song so if anyone comments about it again well that's on them
  2. So far 10/10 love this album better than the last one but tbh I love that one too idk lol I love them all
  3. I called it😂😂😂but got in shit for it by a staff member
  4. Love this album i knew that there was no remasters (this is war) but kinda hoped for a cover.
  5. Darkness settles in is gonna be a killer track. Cant wait for the full album
  6. Ik this was the single and not the previous one this is war but it actually being advertised as a re record
  7. @Anton Chigurh lol ik i just dont care to use the proper grammer 1000%
  8. Ive submitted it too and their flac files so there better quality than 320kpbs
  9. I love this album as well. Im so excited to hear the new bonus songs off of flawed design
  10. Everything about this screams awesome!!!!!!! I love there new album and will continue to love there new and old stuff
  11. @surferbry i checked my walmart today cuz i got my check but no luck mo cds they all sold out. So i checked online and still no luck
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