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  1. Trapped In The Garbage Can - Trash Work.
  2. I've listened to every album from Dance Gavin Dance since 2008 and I just can't get into their music, without any hate I kept trying. I never thought I would like them and now I love everything about them. It costs me 12 years and I'm beyond glad I never stopped. Afterburner is ridiculously good and I can finally appreciate them as a whole. I'm happy, Calentamiento Global is the most wonderful song in this album, but Parallels is N1 because of that synth in the end. I can't believe it, but good job, Dancing Jinn is Dancing.
  3. I swear, I Am Abomination and the vocals of Phil Druyor are the closest I can get to Scott Barnes from In Fear and Faith (because in Noble he changed sooo much), especially in Martyr (forever on repeat), it's like listening to Last Man Stranded. And that feature on Deicide, brilliant, love me some Ben Duerr. Stunning vocals, amazing music, beautiful work.
  4. At their prime as always,spectacular. I can't decide if Brian is galactic beast or human monster,but both are correct.
  5. It was about time to include other variations of J.T. vocals,top notch from him and Jesse. His work on Bloodwork was destructive. Amazing screams and beautiful cleans. (that chorus though,something special) Wild variety for sure.
  6. I always expect something great from Shayley but this is beyond that. STUNNING,huge replay value. Perhaps their best is yet to come because this is on another level.
  7. 1. Gravemind/Conduit, 2. Wolves At The Gate/Eclipse, 3. Auras/Binary Garden, 4. NF/The Search, 5. Thy Art Is Murder/Human Target. (tc)
  8. Pretty sure they didn't break up,just hiatus.
  9. I read all the comments and I still can't understand what Wolves At The Gate/Eclipse is doing here and why when you don't like something,you feel the biggest desire to come and shit on it and the stupidest of all,to insult someone indirectly without any obvious reason,but I guess everyone is different in processing and it's always the same with every album. (btw these two albums are nothing alike) I keep listening to Alien for days in every free minute and that's 128 kbps sound. HUGE,vocals/elements/instrumentals/changes/structures/emotions/feelings/lyrics/breakdowns,make me so vulnerable that I am trying to broke the desk with my head and that's something,because I can't remember the last album who has such an impact on me. 320 kbps will be sooo different and the pleasure will be tripled at least. Of course a lot of people forget that sometimes the moment they listen to something is not the right one and in so many cases listen to an album after some days unlocks unnoticed things at first. For me Marcus reaches his peak here,but the most interesting part of all are those breakdowns without any vocals,they have the same effect on me. I remember when Vultures came out,I thought 'this is their heaviest song and it will be my favorite from the new album,this is Marcus best work' and I was surprised and didn't expect more,but I was so wrong. Then I remember Mesmer and that I can expect only great things from now on. At this point this topic is more Northlane/Memer than Alien and that's bad,but i hope it won't be locked. p.s. BLOCKOUTTHESUN!
  10. What a beautiful and more than well written album,unbelievable. A lesson in how to be on the same level as Captors. The artwork is simple,but simply great. I am seriously impressed by Face to Face,I don't know how to stop listening to her,my all time favorite song by them.
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