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  1. @DekinhoDesu If you don't feed a pigeon breed a rat after listening to this song I will breathe in the smoke deeply it tasted like battered from Negan and I lifted.
  2. @DekinhoDesu Stop lifting right fucking now, the Princess awaits us.
  4. I can see who can beat this album in 2020 = Lorna Shore if they release the b-sides of Immortal.
  5. This level of brutality makes me take a shower with toxic chemicals and rub my back with sandpaper. Also, I like to cut my nails with a machete while I shave my head with a chainsaw. I can actually kill a zombie by raising my eyebrows. The vocals in the mix are quieter than the instruments though, the same case as Malevolent Enslavement. Expecting a fix in the actual album. Dave Simonich destroys.
  6. Holding Absence occupies a very special place in your heart, it's like that from the start. This song is no exception and it's great!
  7. WRONG TITLE 3. Screammm (feat. mGASMmmmmmmm)
  8. Love me some nice tune. @BERO, where are you?
  9. The K-pop scene just can't stop releasing beautiful stuff, another gem.
  10. The rare case when b-sides are not better than the finished product. Don't Wade in the Water is dope.
  11. I lost myself too to be honest, but you can't deny that the riffs in the beginning sound like some parts in Passenger and the synths are similar to Siamese or I'm just retarded right now and I can't make the difference. ;D
  12. Actually not bad at all but it's faaar away from the old Hands Like Houses.
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